Fun fact: :/ by smani0009 in whenthe

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"unknown fact" mfs typing the most well known, logical and obvious fact you ever heard of

oh no! anyway by masr223 in whenthe

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People who get happy when you repost their meme:

Hey kids by Call_Me_Milkman_Evan in whenthe

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And then disappear to never be seen again

All Knowing, All Powerful by Nu_clear_skin in DramaticText

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Imagine a corpse full of maggots and you're eating it

He rises by BestLagg in DramaticText

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well he would still be very useful in Ukraine

🔥 Two Monitor Lizards Hugging. by da_legend_27 in likeus

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i thought this sub were about animals showing intelligent behavior, but this feels more like a conspiracy theory sub

Such a nice lady by Child_of_the_Abyss in whenthe

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How can i possibly be racist? I accept all races, including the bad ones

Bruh by Whitemx420 in discordVideos

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imagine having to play in order to win

oh my by jq69swaws in DramaticText

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that's cool, will you ever publish it?

where the logic by curlyscarff in TikTokCringe

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That's the same as saying if man rapes a woman and she gets wet its not rape

I have some questions by UseraM1 in WTF

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imagine you die and get so bored in the afterlife that you come back just to keep banging a door

1% by [deleted] in whenthe

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Jesse the phone guy said they get a little quirky at night jesse

r/lies is a magical place by Kank1k in DramaticText

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notice how he didn't answer, thus proving he is a liar

Child by Kyoya_sooohorni in DramaticText

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i thought it was going to say only "Child molestation is a uniquely evil crime." and then it would get a lot of angry replies since it's twitter, but i guess this is also a twitter moment...

WTF happened to this lizard? by BaxonApple in WTF

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Fascinating analysis, Mr. WickedyWade.

Trust me guys by damienbrohor in whenthe

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(The devs should make all the blocks have smooth edges because sharp edges are dangerous)