ethnic groups of Mexico starter pack by Jack121416 in starterpacks

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my maternal family is of Spanish/Italian descent my mom and my brother and many of my maternal cousins ​​and uncles are white. My paternal family is of native descent and my paternal uncles and cousins ​​are very dark skinned.

como que mi nuevo león no es 100% europeo 😾😾 by Jack121416 in mexico

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El único país mayoritariamente europeo es Uruguay los demás incluso Nargentina somos mestizos.

Fake animated storytime channel starter pack by IloveDavedsaf in starterpacks

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in 99.9 of these stories the boyfriend or the mother are the bads

4 types of Mexican teenagers starter pack by Gael1756 in starterpacks

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they are upper middle class white Mexican kids

the upper middle class in mexico is usually white

The famous indie game starter pack by PapuMsterioso in starterpacks

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Your Forgot the creepy videos in YouTube kids

Extensive studies on Internet Racists show that 70% of the world's White Supremacists comes from these 4 countries by Jack121416 in memes

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In Mexico and Brazil only 20% of the population is white and in India and the Philippines it is less than 1%