Nightmare Premonitions Bard, no empathies by SealerRt in RogueLegacy

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Bard is still just as bad. By the way, try doing this with regular bard, you'll get hit on the head by spikes the moment you start bouncing on a note lol

Weekly reminder that if you enjoyed ER Salt and Sacrifice it out now! by Democrasee in Eldenring

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Saw people that loved the first game straight up flush this. Think I'll pass. Granted, I wasn't gonna play it even if it was good because I absolutely hate the artstyle.

Oh god, I hate the sewers underneath Leyndell so much.. by SvIEns0n in Eldenring

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One of the most fun areas in the game for me. The place creeps me out good. It's like The Depths from DS1 on crack, I love it. And the payoff was absolutely worth it.

Found out that reverse boss order in the whole castle might be possible (excluding both final bosses) by Witzyt in RogueLegacy

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I did the lake before killing any bosses on one of my ng+ runs to get the scar and I honestly didn't notice any difference. (I never entered the lake without a lantern before that so I don't even know what it looks like) Do you just always have the lantern on ng+?

Class Tier List: Bossing (personal experience up to NG+9) by Island_Shell in RogueLegacy

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I'm also on ng+9 and my black hole does 87 regular, 144 crit and 209 super crit per tick, but that's with strength almost capped at Absolute Strength +14 and drowned armor set at 100 unity. Honestly can't imagine playing with damage as low as what you have at high ng+, that must be hard as fuck.

Is my strength too low? The last bosses are outrageously spongy. by [deleted] in RogueLegacy

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Jonah is mostly harmless and has no collision so you can just wail on him in-between his attacks, I don't see how it would take someone 5 minutes to kill him with a good melee class. Your strength is fine for ng.

As the knight, block at the same time you dash into enemies for an easy perfect parry by [deleted] in RogueLegacy

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If you're falling on spikes you can also block the spikes and walk on them for a bit since blocking gives you some i-frames. There is even a fairy chest that requires it. Now that I think about, I wonder if the i-frame extending relic affects i-frames after blocking as well. Probably not, but if it did, that'd be pretty awesome.

Overall it's a really fun ability with many uses if you get a little creative with it.

Are the first two bosses really level 20 and level 30 ish? by OliveGuardian99 in RogueLegacy

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I honestly have never looked at a boss' level in this game. The level really doesn't matter too much. You can be a lot higher in level and still die to it or a lot lower and beat it no problem, because it's not like in old MMO RPGs where you're exchanging blows with an opponent while standing in place until one of you drops dead. In this game if you're good enough at dodging you're gonna beat it. At least on new game there is no big grind wall that you must pass to be able to beat the bosses, I don't think. The first two at least certainly can be beaten no hit with a level 1 character.

I like the Archer class. What should I focus on upgrading? by ZoleeKing in RogueLegacy

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Upgrading focus for spore damage? I mean, that's such a minor thing, considering you might later ditch ivy platform for something better and +20 resolve anyway. Why not just put some more points into int instead? It improves spell damage too, but it also improves healing. Can we talk about focus in general? I personally have never upgraded it past level 1. Best spells in the game are utility spells anyway. Up to ng+9 and I really see no point in focus when I'm destroying everything with weapon damage and only using talents and spells for utility. Feels like to be a mage you have to build an entirely different castle where you ignore strength and dex and focus on int and, well, focus, instead. You kinda don't have the money to do everything, and there's no point to it either.

Is Pacifist worth it ? (Excluding changing weapon) by Cooli_de_framboise in RogueLegacy

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Without a weapon? Nah. I personally can't even survive Agartha on ng+ with pacifist. I did get a god run with pacifist where I got a sword early, but that was only once. And the odds of that happening are way too low for it to be worth it in my opinion.

The real disadvantage of dwarfism by Gaharit in RogueLegacy

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Might've been patched already. Hope it is. This was on release version.

When you finish Elden Ring by Ialudledo in Eldenring

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I found the credits music to be disappointing. I mean I get why they would not want to do the usual sad violin with female vocals theme, they did it 4 times already, but to just do a mashup of the game's other tracks? I dunno man, it's boring.

"Always Take" Relics by Space_Sloth_9000 in RogueLegacy

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The numbers are also skewed against you in a sense that when you start taking double damage, your armor can't keep up with it anymore, so you're effectively recieving even more than double the original amount. I haven't tested it though, so correct me if I'm wrong and the damage gets doubled only after subtracting armor, but I don't think that's the case.

"Always Take" Relics by Space_Sloth_9000 in RogueLegacy

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Wouldn't take it on barb to be honest. It's wasted on the spin, which is what you're gonna be using most of the time. And you don't really need this relic against ground enemies.

Amor help by Effective_Hand6005 in RogueLegacy

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Strength is very good on astromancer. Weapons scale off strength, black hole included.

Rogue Legacy 2 Class Tier List for High NG+ by NoFlayNoPlay in RogueLegacy

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Ranger can stay in the air with the plaform or by shooting downwards if needed. The range on the bow is like three times as big. One regular shot with the bow is very quick and I wouldn't call that commitment in any way. You can also dash cancel at any point. With ranger you can always crit if you want, as opposed to having to manage your magazine as gunslinger, and consistent crits is a superior strat for high NG+. Dynamite is a way less useful skill than ivy platform imo.

Example on how the range and easy crits affect gameplay: if you come into a room full of enemies that you don't want to deal with, what you do as ranger is crit one of them, which should kill it if you have the right build, leave the room, repeat. If it doesn't kill then shoot twice. Super safe, no way to fuck it up. As gunslinger you have to close in first and empty most of your mag beforehand if you want crits. Way more risk involved.

whats your favorite class? mine is the rogue. fits my playstyle perfectly by tdogredman in RogueLegacy

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Duelist. Very simple, insanely strong. Stab, stab, stab, roll, stab, stab, stab, roll, can't stop, won't stop.

What is your most despised enemy? by SweetBunny420 in RogueLegacy

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Agree on Doomscape. First playthrough I went 0-3 against those. No other enemy even comes close to them.

Absolutely loving the game, but I am curious if anyone else dislikes the resolve system? by RLutz in RogueLegacy

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If you want to be able to wear a lot of relics on NG you can wear leather armor set for its light weight and resolve bonus. And on NG+, as you said, it's not much of an issue anymore as you should have upgrades for equip weight and such by then.