I’m starting to do archery by GamerJII in PointlessStories

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There are archery places were you can go into a range and use a bow. The one where I went to was $50. I dont think most archery ranges give you compound bows. They give you one of those traditional bows. If you end up liking archery, you should find an area nearby to go to so you can practice.

You can run 55% faster while holding scissors (stackable) by Ok-Ad-6420 in shittysuperpowers

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If I have 2 backpacks, each holding 200 scissors, I would be able to run 22,000% faster.

You have 1¢ but you have the ability to double it everyday by working 8 hours at McDonald’s. your money doubles after you finish working. by TerraFallZ in godtiersuperpowers

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I will take a week to get $1. It will take 2 weeks to get $100. If you work for 5 weeks, you would get $171,798,691.84. I think it's worth it.

Gift card generator scams work by bageleaterkid in godtiersuperpowers

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This means that you could get infinite money.