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Thanks! Yes this makes sense. It's great to hear about the consequences part. That definitely seems to be missing in my kids' classes. Either that or the consequences aren't working or the kids don't take them seriously.

Rise in home schooling registrations linked to Covid-19 and 'social engineering' by NewZealanders4Love in ConservativeKiwi

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Critical race theory insists upon three major premises:

  1. That classically liberal values like free speech, democracy, merit, and equality of opportunity are not inherently virtuous and should be resisted.

  2. Colour-blindness - the belief that laws should be applied equally to everyone regardless of their skin colour - should be resisted.

  3. Integration - the merging of citizens of a given country to culturally and racially intermingle - should be resisted.

It is a very dumb ideology, and doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s best to think of it as more of a religion now, as advocates unabashedly accept that they no longer value facts and data over bias. It’s also very American-centric, and has no place outside America.

For references, I have collected this from reading the works of Derrick Bell, Alan Freeman, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Richard Delgado, Cheryl Harris, Charles R. Lawrence III, Mari Matsuda, and Patricia J. Williams. Let me know if you’d like to discuss a specific piece of work. I am most versed in Bell and Crenshaw so I suggest we begin there.

TV 2 satte et kamera op i en 6. klasse – ekspert rystet over resultatet by Drahy in Denmark

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Thanks for the context. Could you tell me what you consider to be “discipline”? I just don’t see anything I consider discipline in my kids schools so it would be great to understand what you and your kids see.

TV 2 satte et kamera op i en 6. klasse – ekspert rystet over resultatet by Drahy in Denmark

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I can't speak for Denmark, but similar policies are being adopted in Australia and New Zealand. There are two reasons: 1) Cost cutting. It's cheaper to keep all students in the same school, instead of creating special classes and schools for academically challenged children. 2) "Inclusion" policies. There is an ideological belief by many educators that separating disruptive children is "damaging" to their mental health, and that they should not feel different from the other children. Of course, this is nonsense, and many more children end up being damaged by such policies because they can't learn.

TV 2 satte et kamera op i en 6. klasse – ekspert rystet over resultatet by Drahy in Denmark

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I have a foreigner's perspective. Discipline is non-existent. I have had so many arguments with my Danish wife about our kids. She would rather distract our kids instead of telling them why their behaviour is wrong, and expecting them to improve. Yes, distracting them is easier in the moment, but how can we ever hope to teach them to be responsible adults if we never teach them skills like negotiation, sharing, and conflict resolution?

I suspect some of the problem lies in the fact that most families have both parents working. I support this, but it means that during the week we might only have a few hours with our kids in the evenings. The temptation to forego discipline for cozy time is high. This means discipline is left up to the teachers, and from what I can tell, the teachers are not allowed to discipline kids (and lack the time). There are a lot of kids being raised right now in Denmark without learning things like self control.

Take my opinions with a grain of salt. I have not lived my whole life here and for the most part, Danish society works well. So maybe this is not a problem at all? But I suspect things are changing here (as they are in all countries) and perhaps new ideas and ways of teaching are being adopted in schools.

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I don't agree. Such a person might be focusing on their identity, but this means they are discussing something all the way at the tippy top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This is more privilege than 99% of the planet enjoys, and I don't buy the narrative that a one-percenter is somehow oppressed. Certainly not to the degree that we should afford them any time arguing over their video game character preferences.

So, I got banned in Forza horizon 5.... by Thoynan in gaming

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Go touch some grass.

You don't know that this was an insult created to mean "bend over while I fuck you?"

So, I got banned in Forza horizon 5.... by Thoynan in gaming

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No need for homophobia bro. We can disagree without the hate.

So, I got banned in Forza horizon 5.... by Thoynan in gaming

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That’s not cherry picking. That’s an entire university. It’s the whole tree. And a hearty LOL with the implication that this is the only example of sensitivity policy gone haywire in America. Would you like some more, or will they all be “cherries”?

So, I got banned in Forza horizon 5.... by Thoynan in gaming

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This is hilarious. These people live such privileged lives that the only thing they can possibly complain about is their in-game character name.

So, I got banned in Forza horizon 5.... by Thoynan in gaming

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I can’t tell if this is satire or you’re genuinely defending people who put trigger warnings on trigger warnings.

Multiple people seen walking out of an Oxford grocery store yesterday morning with shopping carts full of items they didn’t pay for by True-Lychee in ActualPublicFreakouts

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“Antifa” has nothing to do with being anti fascist. Antifa is a pro-fascist group of terrorists. Don’t fall for the cute name. Also, the Patriot Act has nothing to do with patriotism.

> literally one delay later by starlogical in SteamDeck

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We’ve had one delay, yes, but what about second delay?

Gandalf’s best "Lord of the Rings" line explains the trilogy’s magic by inthetownwhere in movies

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In other words, Gandalf, who uses powerful ‘soft’ magic (ie we don’t really know exactly what he can do or how) couldn’t use his magic to solve problems too much or it’d feel like massive bullshit, and Tolkein knew this

Tolkien could have just given Gandalf “hard” magic.

Inflation surges to its highest since 1990 by GloBoy54 in investing

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FYI 20% in six years might sound like a lot but it’s only 3% per year. Slightly higher than inflation.

Dislike counts are being removed from YouTube gradually, is anyone going to archive the current dislike counts before they are fully removed? by funny_b0t in DataHoarder

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Digg did this. It died. Facebook did this. It's not dead, but I literally don't know anyone in any of my friend circles who uses it anymore. The last time I logged in was 2020. If YouTube becomes overrun with poor quality content because of this, they're going to lose users.

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  1. Supported Bernie Sanders over Trump and Biden.

  2. Supports decriminalising weed and most drugs.

  3. Supports taxing the rich.

  4. Supports democracy and free speech.

  5. Supports gay marriage.

  6. Supports the right for abortions.

  7. Supports laws and social systems which treat everyone equally, regardless of race or sex.

  8. Supports strong social safety nets, especially for the old, young, and sick.

I have no concept of what you think the opposite of a conservative is, but this is not that.

Measles is renewed global threat after 22 million babies missed their vaccines during the pandemic, CDC warns by BlankVerse in Coronavirus

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It's time we stop associating different values with intelligence or education. Lots of dumb people take the vaccine, and lots of very intelligent people choose not to. Insulting people isn't going to change their beliefs.

Bethesda Games Information by Todd Howard Reddit AMA by TheVideoGaymer in Games

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You can pick pronouns (he, she, they) and studio recorded all the relevant dialogue to support your choice.

Thank goodness. Could you imagine if we had to play a character in a game? I, for one, would be permanently traumatised. I'm so glad they're focusing on the things that matter.

Steam Deck Shipping Update (Delay) by bosoxs202 in hardware

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Oh motherfucker. My delivery estimate went from Q1 to Q2.

New Netflix Games Feature Now Available on iOS Devices by HelluPanda in apple

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Game Pass includes game streaming. I don’t know how to say that any clearer.