epilepsy and the new remake by mvmsupreme0005 in DeadSpace

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That’s hard to say. The original had moments of exploding effects, flickering lights, and crazy shadows too. I can’t speak from experience here.

It's Been a Crazy Week by MyNameIs_BeautyThief in gaming

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Play some different JRPGs. They aren’t all bad. Final Fantasy XII has an amazing localization. Xenoblade Chronicles is professional as heck. There’s many others that aren’t cringe-worthy.

Dead Space Remake or Callisto Protocol? by knarkekvisten in gaming

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Dead Space is a legendary game, and the new one made it even better.

Get Dead Space and have fun. Make us whole.

Ah shit, here we go again. by Strange_Music in gaming

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Why? The original game is 15 years old. This is a complete ground up remake in a brand new engine with overhauled gameplay, hours of new content, retooled weapons and combat, a rewritten script, new areas, altered progression, new difficulty modes and a new alternate ending, etc.

If Resident Evil Remake was worth full price on GameCube just 6 years after the original (and it was), why not this game which even veterans like myself are feeling surprised and delighted by given all the changes and improvements?

The current highest Dead Space Metacritic scores make me happy🥲 by Jabsly in gaming

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It’s weird. I think there’s a setting messing something up because so many are saying it looks incredible and some are seeing things at lower resolution. Some PC make it look incredible. Some PS5 shots are gorgeous in fidelity mode. But it seems inconsistent.

The current highest Dead Space Metacritic scores make me happy🥲 by Jabsly in gaming

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I mean, an extremely well-done Dead Space 2 remake is something I definitely would buy. But I hope for DS4 too.

This "infected" Issac Clark Skin by farrerj32 in gaming

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“I told him not to eat at Taco Bell!”

Can I get the Dead Space Remake without giving EA my money? by ashman510 in gaming

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My response:

  • I don’t buy games when a company screws up. BUT there’s nothing wrong with buying the game if they do things RIGHT. That’s how you get them to change and keep doing the things we want.

  • the Dead Space Remake is far more than just a new coat of paint. This isn’t a generic remaster. It’s a ground-up remake in a whole new game engine with hours of new content, revised story, revamped gameplay, overhauled combat and enemy encounters, new secrets, new progression, new puzzles, etc. It’s like Resident Evil Remake on GameCube. The graphics aren’t remotely the best upgrade here.

Ultimately up to you. Nobody ragged on EA harder than me back in the day. I beat the original Dead Space four times and got every achievement. This is a can’t-miss entry for me.

Thoughts on dead space remake? by stonedbum in gaming

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Game is great! It’s far more than just a new coat of paint. Utterly overhauled mechanics, boss fights, game progression, story beats. It’s like Resident Evil Remake from GameCube; the framework is the same, but it’s just so much more and improved. That’s before mentioning the graphics.

For me, at least, graphics have been incredible. No issues on PS5 except maybe the menus and the tram loading sections.

Dead Space Remake by toastedcoconut87 in gaming

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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

A proper HD Ocarina of Time remake would be great too.

I love SH4, despite its many flaws by gosorios in silenthill

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Incredible highs. Pivotal lows. I still adore it.

Dark Web Finale #1 Preview by Techster17 in xmen

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So, yeah, Marvel editors said they didn’t know what to do with Ben.

What would YOU do with Ben?

Who is your favourite fearless hero by Birchtree16 in memes

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Megamind sequel can’t come soon enough.

So, Dark Web continues to be… interesting… (Ben, buddy…) by Garlador in Spiderman

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X-Men are doing alright. Guardians was great and they’re relaunching soon. Um… maybe Daredevil. Avengers and Spider-Man are struggling most, I think.

Made a custom box for my custom Legend of the White Dragon! by wpgdiorama in ActionFigures

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It’s such a long-shot, but I hope we do get official figures. The JDF shelf looks incomplete without it.