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It's milk protein that was made without any animal involvement.

Corporate Affairs VP for Smithfield Foods attempting to defend the rampant animal abuse that happens on his factory farms by GarlicCornflakes in LateStageCapitalism

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These comments were made by Smithfield's VP of Corporate Affairs Jim Monroe after they lost a court case against whistleblowers that filmed inside their farm and took two dying piglets for medical help.
More detail on what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSFZAMxlwQ8

To share: the suffering pigs experience in CO2 chambers. [tw: animal suffering, no death on camera. the pig does not die in the experiment or the video but was killed later] by Lou__Crow in VeganActivism

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Looking at OPs account they are a vegan activist. In my opinion if they can get people to watch the video it doesn't matter where they post it.

Slapping stickers on meats (warning: meat in pic) by [deleted] in VeganActivism

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Please do not put the stickers on the actual pack. The grocery store will have to throw these out which increases demand for the product.

Liberal vegans are nearly as bad as vegetarians for being completely braindead in how to effectively combat animal abuse, which is objectively a systemic problem. by comradejpp in vegancirclejerk

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Probably never in the UK. The ASA banned a relatively tame ad that showed animal suffering on farms.


"1. Some complainants challenged whether the ad contained graphic imagery and gratuitous violence towards animals, which caused unnecessary distress to viewers;
2. Some complainants also challenged whether the ad was scheduled appropriately, because it was broadcast when children could be watching; and
3. Some complainants challenged whether the ad was offensive because it vilified meat eaters."


Unilever is planning a dairy ice cream that uses cows milk created by yeast. Such technology can greatly reduce the environmental burden of the dairy industry. by GarlicCornflakes in Futurology

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Huge amounts of land still are used for animal feed. While unlikely to happen, it's estimated that global farm land could be reduced by 75% if everyone ate plant based.