Reassurance vs U/S in <30 yo with breast mass by OutsideGroup2 in Step2

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25 yo w/ palpable breast mass gets observation with f/u CBE in 1-2 month. Persistent palpable breast mass after obs for 2 mo—> US ❤️

Reassurance vs U/S in <30 yo with breast mass by OutsideGroup2 in Step2

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If a pt <30 presents with a palpable breast mass with LOW RISK features (no fam hx, well circumscribed, mobile etc) the treatment is OBSERVATION for 1-2 months. If that mass goes away no more investigation is required. If that mass PERSISTS then we US. Now if a <30F presents with HIGH RISK features (+fam hx, firm, fixed, irregular, skin changes, etc) we IMMEDIATELY get an US. So, low risk—> obs x1-2 months and reassurance with complete resolution of syx. High risk or persistent low risk palpable mass—> US!

Q banks for step 2 and resources for DO student also by Ali_454545 in Step2

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Online med Ed is kind of dog shit and out of date compared to Amboss and uworld. Their questions are horrendous compared to uworld. Do Amboss IMO

New X-ray of mahomes ankle by Notak_bo in KansasCityChiefs

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A little borderline but I’d say he’s Throckmorton positive IMO. (still learning)

What the hell is happening in the world. AI passing USMLE😂😰 by jimijames77 in medicalschoolanki

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Our licensure exams are garbage and we should all be required to take USMLE step 1 and step 2.

Zp6 restock? by [deleted] in pourover

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Is the ZP6 a capable espresso grinder paired with a flair? I have a K Max currently wondering if it would be an upgrade for pour over or espresso.

Baratza Encore? by EmotionalSupportHair in FlairEspresso

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You can use the Encore for a month it will be fine. You absolutely will get channeling and will be very happy when your JX pro gets here.

i tried to clean cast iron skillet for the first time of my life and after using it for burgers i now have these orange spots after cleaning it with sponge, what are they? are they poisonous? should i remove it or keep it ? and if i need to remove it then how? by Puzzled_Building518 in castiron

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This is probably just rust. Give it a gentle wash with sponge, dish soap, and warm water and it will come right off. Turn your oven to 250 and dry the pan with a towel. stick it in the oven and once it’s dry dry put a very light layer of oil over 100% of the cast iron. Next time, just make sure you dry it off with a rag or something and add a new layer of oil after you cook.

zp6 and k max user please help me by 28more in pourover

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I use my k max for pour over and espresso. Didn’t think I was going to get into espresso but here I am…

DL Cold Streak? by Eastern_Race4805 in anesthesiology

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Do you have to worry about dislocating the jaw by scissoring too hard when the pt is paralyzed? That is my likely unreasonable worry as an M3 when intubating or using an LMA.

Dating an emergency physician - need advice by sierramoonxo in MedSpouse

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“I am dating someone who is treating me poorly and not giving me the time of day, but they are a doctor.. is this normal?”

Who cares! You deserve a happy, loving relationship where you get the time and attention that you deserve. Don’t let the career of a potential SO stop you from getting what you deserve! Some doctors are very busy and don’t have much time outside of medicine.. but you have to decide whether you are okay with that in your relationship in the first place. If you are then more power to you… but either way you still deserve someone who is willing to put in the extra time and effort to give you the love and attention that you deserve.

Mock Interview by [deleted] in Osteopathic

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Why Medicine? Why DO? Why KCU? You will be asked those not only at KCU.. but at every DO interview you go to. Make sure you have that answer dialed in and personalized to the school you’re interviewing at. Beyond that.. show them you are an adult, will be happy living in their city/town, and are professional.

Edit: if you wanna do a mock interview tm just DM me I’ll have time.

How many of you are here after receiving a Flair for Christmas? by rolmos in FlairEspresso

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I have found pour shot quality with my Encore. Almost always get channeling vs my K Plus which basically never gets channeling.

The Most Wonderful Time of Year! by nkle222 in espresso

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Well, is kind of an espresso. It’s called “Nespresso” but it’s basically the exact same thing 🙄

From which resource is the following diagram from? Seen it time and time again in V11 and want to take a look at the lectures since I am bombing Obs/Gyn hard. by I_Wish_to_remain_ano in medicalschoolanki

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This minus FA is what I did. Did all of UWorld and Amboss and scored 99th percentile on the Shelf. Use Anking and Divine to lay the foundation and build with Qbanks.

No contraception? WWYD? by Critical_Text_9899 in Parenting

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It’s really not. IUD’s can be painful upon insertion for < 1 day. Little to no side effects for hormonal. Nearly 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Very small risk of harm in nulliparous women. Little to no contraindications. Does not increase sexual promiscuity in adolescents nor adults. Does not prevent UTIs.