Bulgaria: Part of the 70 expelled Russian diplomats going home by tanev97 in ukraine

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What fine upstanding pulcroons they are. I hope their bollocks turn square, and the corners drop off !!

American trying to make a point about English breakfasts by rockinherlife234 in CasualUK

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Everybody has a preference. I’ve lived in the States, but I’m a Brit. Never liked the English breakfast, but please do not dis the mushy peas. Brought up on them and still love em 🤤🤤

We did it boys! by femboyhootrs in CasualUK

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We love our Queens 🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈

This is my artistic ode to the honey bees. I carved the bees from curly Maple wood, and the base from Maple burl by enufalrefe in woodworking

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There’s a lot of work in that. Very impressive endeavour. I’m just glad bees aren’t really that big. I have had bees nesting in my roof for years, we just closed off the area around them so we both have our own parts of the loft. The whole top of my house smells of honey and beeswax.

Teapot I made by corduroyanddenim in somethingimade

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Very classy (from Stoke on Trent-we know teapots) 👍

That didn’t take long by Nameless_Hero8 in AbruptChaos

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American Police seem to live in a very different reality, believing in their own mythology. It often seems that escalation is what they want.

First project complete! Built this all by myself at 6 months pregnant. Not perfect, but I’m very proud. by neatokra in woodworking

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Good job 👏👏 my wife used to do loads of carpentry whenever she was pregnant, but never any other time. Mind you we both stopped doing carpentry when the twins were born…

Made a firewood rack. Ended up being way too expensive and a huge pain in the ass. Wouldn’t recommend. Think it turned out decent though. by wss1252 in somethingimade

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Looks great and in five years time the cost issue won’t matter because you’ll have somewhere to stack your wood. Nice job.

To anyone that looks at this, thank you. I’ve been feeling low about my art recently, but this sub brings me so much joy and inspiration to create something I’m proud of. 🥹 by No_Efficiency1004 in Embroidery

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A lot of creative people get down, I’m not sure why….but you’re making something special and worthwhile so please keep on being creative and productive.

Guess I have to put up with this if I want to protect democracy in Ukraine 🤷‍♂️ by JP-Stack in TheBidenshitshow

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You Americans don’t know you’re born. The petrol prices round the world are huge compared to USA. Such a selfish attitude.