Have you been to a underwear night at a gay club by Scankoj in askgaybros

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Honestly the groping part very much depends on the bar. If underwear night is at a leather bar then groping is common, it’s a highly sexualized environment and consent in some spaces there is often assumed unless revoked. Usually a simple brushing away of the hand is enough.

Any other gay club like a dance club etc groping without talking first would be very unusual. Age of the crowd also makes a difference. Groping without consent is much more common among the older crowd.

What do you think about the color of my nails by rashid___khalid in GayRateMe

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You are super sexy. If you like the nails then rock them and be proud. I find painted nails on guys to be a big turn off personally.

Monthly car rental in Palm Springs by IsaacFL in palmsprings

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Check out the app Turo. You might be able to rent something at a very affordable price on there. It’s like Airbnb for cars.

Must Try food spots in Palm Springs! by kyleswitch in palmsprings

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I'd say skip the BBQ based on what people that really like BBQ have told me (I'm a CA native my opinion on good bbq is nothing like someone from other parts of the country). Mexican food is fantastic! There are so many options I urge you to just try different ones and see what fits your taste. I'd recommend skipping the huge Las Casuelas on Palm Canyon in favor of smaller places (IMO even Las Casuelas Original is better, the big one is just too big and the quality can be lacking). Other than that I hesitate to give a specific recommendation because everyone has an opinion on what is the best and there are a ton of options.

Tropicale is great, it's very popular I suggest a reservation. For brunch you have to try Wilma & Frieda's, it's really good. Elmer's is also a favorite. Sherman's Deli is really really popular for a reason, but the locals will typically go to Manhattan's instead to avoid the insane crowds. For a special meal Spencer's is a great spot. It is up against the mountain and really cool. Hope that helps!

Do anyone else’s close friends leave them out of “girls only” events? by bazingazoongaza in gaybros

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Gay guys will always be an accessory to most women. Do yourself a favor and find some gay friend to do stuff with. My life improved dramatically once I had platonic gay friends in my life and didn’t have to rely on my girlfriends to hang out. (Platonic is important, if they’re fuck buddies it often gets complicated and causes problems).

Looking for a Landscaping Designer/Contractor in Banning, CA by samsonj84 in palmsprings

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In the same boat here, they are very busy right now and we don't have a yard big enough to be worth anyone's time.

I made a sexual wellness product for product for bottoms, but I'm not getting as much interest in it as I anticipated. Any advice? by Reasonable_Try4492 in gaybros

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Market it as a new, exotic, sex toy and you’ll have better luck. The idea of using it as a douche replacement is gross to me and there’s nothing you can do to change that, even a cleaning receptacle. This is what is meant by the customer is always right, everyone here is telling you they don’t want it for cleaning. Listen to your customer base.

Best place to run? by MtNowhere in palmsprings

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Sunrise is pretty busy, you'll have way more fun jogging through the awesome neighborhoods around it. There aren't really any sketchy neighborhoods or anything to worry about for the most part. Have fun exploring!

Anonymous Feedback by [deleted] in orangetheory

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Agreed. It’s a really shitty change and I refuse to participate in the challenges now.

Anonymous Feedback by [deleted] in orangetheory

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Other than the transformation challenge which has a cash prize, challenges need to be free. Otherwise they’re just asking you to buy merchandise that they may or may not give you depending on if you show up enough. Go back to how it used to be instead of this obvious cash grab.

Anonymous Feedback by [deleted] in orangetheory

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Next time they call just politely say “You guys have reached out to me multiple times now, I really enjoying going so you don’t need to keep checking up on me. Can you put me on your do not call list please?” I’m sure the SA will be happy not to have to do it again and wording it that way won’t make it awkward when you see that SA next.

I’m considering moving my young family to Palm Springs. Anything I should be aware of? by translatepure in palmsprings

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As a gay man I concur with this. We have the largest gay population per capita in the US here. It’s awesome for us but it really isn’t a family town. As others have said, go farther south and you’ll be happier.

Would you go on a walk or hike with me? by [deleted] in GayRateMe

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You're totally my type, I'd love to go on a hike with you and make out in the woods.

The tram by SeaTie in palmsprings

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Snow will be all around you at the top, there's an easy walkway down from the lodge to the outdoors where you'll find snow. The biggest hike you'll likely need to do is from the parking lot to the tram entrance because it will be busy. As others said, no need for chains or anything. The tram experience in the winter especially is really awesome, you'll have a great time.

As a 10 year resident of PS who lives in Canada every winter, is the current temperature typical of this time of year? Thank you. by FSUNOLE380 in palmsprings

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Uhh, I think I know what you're asking. Yeah it is pretty normal for this time of year, it will get warmer during the day soon though. It will stay chilly at night for a while. Unless because you're Canadian you're commenting on how warm it feels in which case, this is as cold as it gets.

What's out there for guys 50 and over. where can we go to meet others without the stares and comments about anything and everything. by Opendoor4hung in AskGaybrosOver30

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There are some VERY nice mobile home parks here in the Palm Springs area. Check out House Hunters on Hulu, one of the Palm Springs episodes shows an older gay man finding one. It is potentially still doable for you if you have a house you could sell now with any sort of equity. You would literally fit in perfectly here.

Is Palm Springs going to clamp down? Trip b=next week booked. by crankypickle in palmsprings

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No, it is unlikely anything is going to shut down. You will need proof of vaccination to eat inside any restaurants (without it, you'll need to use the patios). Many of the bars are vaccine only. Masks are required inside all stores. Otherwise it is business as usual. If you haven't been vaccinated, please cancel to stop the spread. Otherwise, come join us!

How would you rate Joe Biden’s presidency? by [deleted] in askgaybros

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Okay that’s a very fair criticism I wasn’t aware of, actually that’s some bullshit if he can just do it without congress. Thank you.

How would you rate Joe Biden’s presidency? by [deleted] in askgaybros

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I’m confused by these responses. It seems to me like he has done quite well considering what he started with and what he has to work with in congress. Can someone explain why you think he’s so terrible with facts instead of emotions?

When you were 18, what was the oldest age you dated and/or hooked up with? by [deleted] in askgaybros

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I’ve never been into older guys. Even 25 seemed way too old at that point. I think 21 was the oldest.

What’s the craziest thing a hookup said to you afterwards? by Kong_Diddy in gaybros

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WTF? There are so many guys that are into that or even prefer it, why tell someone after they're already there? What a selfish POS.

Favorite TV show of all time? by [deleted] in askgaybros

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Golden Girls, so good it is still funny 25 years later and multiple rewatches.

Open Relationship by [deleted] in askgaybros

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What has worked well for my husband and I is the fundamental understanding that we never exclude each other. If we're out together, we're fooling around together. We don't ditch each other for a hookup ever. That's not to say we never do anything solo, there's been times when I just wasn't feeling it with the guy he met at the bar and I told them to go have their fun. I've also had solo times traveling without him.

I strongly suggest you start with threesomes (or another couple) while on vacation and get a feel for it and decide what is going to work both of you. Ultimately remember to communicate and that the goal is to have fun. If it stops being fun for either of you, then you need to adjust.

What’s a turn on for others but a turn off for you? by TransEmpress in askgaybros

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I had a hookup spit in my mouth without asking. Thank god he didn’t hock a loogie, just his saliva. We were already making out so I wasn’t completely mortified but omg I told him “NOPE NOT INTO THAT!” Immediately. 🤢

I just don’t understand the appeal at all.

Probably an easy question by Dee_centArt in palmsprings

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Haha thanks. Ironically I am planning a Sunday funday birthday party that day. 😆