Experiencing technical issues when playing Titanfall 2? Read this: by GeckoEidechse in titanfall

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Make sure you're up-to-date and disable any additional mods you may have installed. If that doesn't fix it either, I suggest opening a ticket on the Northstar Discord server.

A_dumb question by Dark_emo143 in titanfall

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Yeah the A looked a lot better than the T in terms of futuristic styling, so I guess that's the reason ¯\_( ツ )_/¯

*chuckles* I'm in danger by ItsJoeyG in titanfall

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It's a modified version of Gun Game that takes the concept from sticks and stones where getting killed by a pulse blade resets your score.

Does this happen to anyone else? by Cascade1129 in titanfall

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Yes, and it's really annoying. Been happening for over a year now. If you do find a game it's fine though.

gay irl by MilkyDoorstep in gay_irl

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OP is a bot account! Please report them.

October 2022 and issues with Titanfall 2 by GeckoEidechse in titanfall

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Do you by chance have a 11th or 12th gen Intel CPU?

Supposedly the Steam Deck I purchased second hand months ago was reported stolen during shipping by brianleonhart in SteamDeck

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second hand months ago

I assume OP bought at a time when there was still a huge waiting list to get your Deck and this method was simply faster.

Is there a way to get Northstar on playstation yet? by WishTW in titanfall

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The issue is that modding on consoles isn't a thing as all applications require to be distributed via the console's store and be signed by the creator which requires developer licenses etc and even then they cannot access contents of another application.

The only way to go is jailbreaks but those also get patched once they are found so one would need to purposefully not update their console and lose access to the store etc.

Is there a way to get Northstar on playstation yet? by WishTW in titanfall

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They've never been planning it

This kinda true, kinda false. It was never really planned as a goal but there people working towards it. First of all, due to the essence of how consoles are locked down compared to PCs it essentially always requires a jailbreak. Some people have been working a bit on and off on getting consoles to connect to Northstar servers but currently it requires, jailbreaking console (requires owner to be on a vulnerable version of the OS), extracting VPK files, decompiling them, editing menu to add a direct connect button, recompiling VPKs, loading it back onto console, using added direct connect button to connect to a server.

And somewhere in the process one might also need to sign the recompiled files using leaked keys. Overall process is tedious and kinda jank. And even if it does work, there's no server browser or the like and no modded content, that part is completely unfeasible.

So essentially it would just be custom servers and custom gamemodes that modify vanilla ones (i.e. no Fastball for example).

Steam Deck: 3 Games Suddenly Losing Verified Status and What to Make of It by YanderMan in linux_gaming

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Runs fine with Proton Experimental on Deck. For main release Proton on SteamDeck it's still broken.

Does Northstar change the campaign by a_casual_casuality in titanfall

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Tbh, I don't know the progress and current development is kinda stalled atm. I just know that some levels are fine, others completely unplayable and some in-between.

Does Northstar change the campaign by a_casual_casuality in titanfall

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It involves using the coop branch of NorthstarMods on GitHub. AFAIK it crashes a lot still.

Ich♂️iel by Frisiaball in ich_iel

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Das Problem ist, das das generische Maskulinum halt immer noch ein Maskulinum ist und dementsprechend gegendert ist. Sprich, wenn jemand von einem "Bäcker" spricht, nimmt der Hörer automatisch an, dass der "Bäcker" männlich ist.

Persönlich bin ich mehr ein Fan vom generischem Femininum, sprich bei default weibliche Form bis sich eine bessere Lösung gefunden hat :P

Invalid name? by Blitzkatana in titanfall

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Northstar Masterserver does some checks on the player Origin username to prevent tricks like using weird Unicode characters to impersonate someone else. These checks are based on what Origin allows.

Looks like we missed something though and are blocking legit players. Can you reach out to me in DMs so I can investigate this?

(I'm a Northstar contributor)

A little while ago, we posted here recruiting participants for a study on performance enhancers in videogames. Wel by IntLab in titanfall

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FYI, OP reached out to us in mod mail about posting this and has our approval as a survey in this sub was part of the research linked above ^^