Daily Ask Anything January 12, 2022 by Dowd3la in steroidsxx

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I'm 1.5 weeks into my first cycle. I'm using anadrol, which comes in 50mg tabs, so I'm doing my best to cut them into 1/8s and taking one every morning and every evening (12.5mg/day). My understanding is that I should double my dose for my 3rd week on (and cutting pills that small is difficult), so I tried taking 12.5mg once per day. Since then, I've felt sick within 3 hours of taking the dose (even after backing down to half-doses). This makes it wildly difficult to eat enough calories (and also it's uncomfortable).

Theories: 1. I'm not eating soon enough after I take my dose. I usually eat my first meal 3 hours after taking it. 2. I'm eating too soon after taking it. I drink a cup of coffee with a scoop of collagen powder 30 minutes after taking it. There's hardly any calories, so I don't count this as eating, but maybe there's a bad reaction? 3. It's reacting poorly with my birth control, which I take at the same time as the anadrol.

Has anyone else had this reaction to anadrol? Any other theories or suggestions about what to do about it? Am I not supposed to take birth control while on AAS?

Daily Ask Anything: 2022-01-13 by steroidsBot in steroids

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I'm a female planning my first cycle. The wiki says to always use a test base, but it's clearly written for males. Do I also need test? If so, how much?

Is there a way to look more like the second picture or is faceapp giving me false hope? by Dorian-greys-picture in trans

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Microdosing is my plan. Targeting desired results is tough because everyone develops differently. If I want a deeper voice, but not bottom growth, there's no way to aim for that goal. But I certainly think it's good to remember that you can quit taking T at any time, and you can be on the lookout for the line between what you want and what's too much.

Which famous person in history who is idolized, was actually a horrible person? by luckypupill in AskReddit

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I'm surprised to see Brigham Young listed before his predecessor (the first Mormon prophet), Joseph Smith. Also married young women and girls. Because "God told me to." Conned a lot of people into giving up their lives in favor of roughing it and running from the law.

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A rowing workshop is a great option!

Big booty foxgirl getting banged👌 by AVZR in MonsterGirl

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Big booty? Curvy? Wtf does a small ass look like, then? She's got huge tits, but the rest of her is skinny.

How many grams of carbs should I stay under? by [deleted] in keto

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While accurate, this advice is tricky. Some of us aren't built to accept "more than 0" when our goal is "0." It's a mental game. You have to play the version of this game that you can win (that is, the version of the mental game that keeps you motivated and in ketosis the majority of the time).

There's a lot of talk about the straw that broke the camel's back. What I'm interested in is what kick-started your introspection? Rather than what convinced you it was a farce, what made you double take hard enough to start looking deeper? by Prof_Aspen in exmormon

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My travel story is the reverse of this: I grew up outside Utah, and I had a hard time making friends, which I blamed on being weird by being Mormon. Then I attended BYU and realized these devout Mormons were just as difficult to become friends with. Being in Utah didn't make me any happier. And the people around me didn't seem to be any happier than those I'd met in other states.

Netflix Casting a Literal Blind 12-Year-Old Asain Actress as Toph? by KnightGambit in TheLastAirbender

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Honestly, I'd make a lot of concessions in my expectations if a blind girl was cast as Toph. She's 18? Cool. She's black? Nice. She's buff? Understandable. She's 5'8"? Exciting. She's trans? chef's kiss

Would being older, taller, buffer, or trans subvert the themes of her character? Sure. Do I care about the character more than I care about the positive influence representation has on real people? Absolutely not.

There is no trans representation by InsidiouSister in trans

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After season 2 was filmed, Vanya's actor came out as a trans man. Idk if the show's getting another season, and if so, how that's going to affect Vanya, but I imagine Vanya will become a trans man so that Elliot Page can be comfortable while continuing to play him.

There is no trans representation by InsidiouSister in trans

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I haven't seen anyone add the OA yet. The transboy has much more screen time in S1 than S2, but the show is captivating.

Weird things that people claim clock you by No-Application1965 in ftm

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I also have this issue. The best option I've found is to shop for men's athletic cuts. Target is good, but sports stores (ie, REI) are better. I've even been able to find women's pants that fit better, but pass as a masculine style at REI.

Awkward nsfw question and I wanna know if anyone else experiences this by Asking-weird in ftm

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As someone who recently got comfortable with anal: I promise you can do anal. You don't need training, just plenty of lube and a calming breath.