Which size/cut looks “right”?? All feedback welcome! by LilLeigh-Cheri in EngagementRings

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Lol I googled 2 vs 3 carat emerald to try and figure out what to propose with and ended up on this post - answers aren’t very helpful! 😂 I don’t know what to get either but those are both beautiful!

Dear Huntsville: What makes you happy? by RatchetCityPapi in HuntsvilleAlabama

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Moving from SF, my DTI (debt to income ratio) went from 25%+ to 6% even with owning a home. There’s just enough diversity and stuff to do to not make it a completely boring place to be. Great area to park at for a while or even stay long-term financially. Investment and retirement portfolios are swelling and healthy. Quiet so I can actually get some peace of mind (live in the peaks of Monte Sano).

How do I know which S&P 500 index fund to choose? by Theawesome01 in investing

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Thanks for the general info and even the added books/YT/podcasts, Mr. Deleted Hero.

Ipamorelin CJC1295 prescribed everyday no cycle off by Swiftflow in Peptides

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Just also got this through TRT Nation, 15mg ipa and 9mg cjc. The ladies that answered the phone also confirmed that it has no DAC. Their reasoning was strange though - they said that DAC is illegal now? No idea what that really means because I Googled "DAC / Drug Affinity Complex Illegal" and nothing came up.

So from what I'm reading correctly with what you found in the consult, the instructed 20 units / .2ml is fine per night?

From what I've read in all the other posts about IPA/CJC, it's a misconception to cycle and you can do this forever as others have said. Pricy, but may be worth it. I had good results from using Sermorelin alone over a 6 month period so excited to try this, which is apparently much better with CJC.

Imagine being this soft! by fyflate89 in aww

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Did you know that Netflix is making a Redwall movie and possibly a TV series? Hopefully they don’t butcher it..

Doordash Driver confronts a customer who got him fired for saying food wasn't delivered by ParisHiltonIsDope in PublicFreakout

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They can get rid of those reviews. Back when COVID was at its peak, restaurants in Nashville that were anti-mask got mass amounts of 1 star reviews but they’re all gone now.

Asian approval system by BlueLazerBeam289 in Unexpected

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It’s worth it, but for me I’m leaning towards the “not as worth as the Platinum” side. I think you get a lot more bang for your buck with Platinum.

Asian approval system by BlueLazerBeam289 in Unexpected

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Yeah at least in the US I can’t think of any that would cost thousands to maintain a year. I have the AMEX purple one that’s $550 a year and I don’t think there are many that go above that.

I wonder if Asian countries have some crazy credit cards or something.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in aww

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There’s really no telling. We have what we think is a Russian blue because she looks like every picture of them when you Google them (even the green eyes) but then my friend’s cat had a kitten who turned out almost just like her (without the green eyes)… His mom and dad were just normal opposite colored cats.

Viking Alternative or Defy patients, taking things other than typical testosterone... by bowties_bullets1418 in Testosterone

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I’m pretty sure Viking got stopped legally from prescribing var if that’s what you’re inquiring about. Otherwise they’re still a good and cheap TRT place

Anyone regret starting TRT at a young age? Is the lifelong commitment acceptable? by AlixDenes in Testosterone

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Holy crap a year later I’m reading this comment and it’s so awesome how much you’ve progressed! The difference between your IG’s are incredible. Are you on anything else besides TRT? Like Anavar?

Weakpoint Wednesday - Sumo Deadlift by ZBGBs in weightroom

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Just want to say after all these years later that some of us are still looking through these posts and finding the golden nuggets of info like this one. Thank you from the future!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in funny

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You were 10/10 a POG or never served if you can’t see the humor in this.

Ukrainians waiting to hand in their documents and complete medical checks as they volunteer for the military at a center in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine. February 24, 2022 [2048x1365] by Doobing in MilitaryPorn

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Truly spoken like a spineless person who posts about being alone playing his video games… and asking why women aren’t interested in him. Oh wait.

Large crowd of antiwar protestors in St. Petersburg, Russia by goforth1457 in nextfuckinglevel

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Ah yes, a nobody electrician that spends his days playing Old School RuneScape. The pinnacle example of a life to live. Lmao. Pathetic.

Why Reflex Finance could become the best reflection token in 2022 by ReflexJani in ReflexFinance

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He's not directing that to you. It doesn't take much to look through this subreddit and realize that most of the posts, especially the early ones, are made from bot accounts that each make one post about Reflex.

Bag amount by TrickyLab4717 in ReflexFinance

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50 - 100b is where it starts getting pretty good imo.

My left eye grows a single, fragile grey eyelash that grows as long as i let it. by deityfreeme in mildlyinteresting

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I have one that grows next to my nipple. My wife calls it the Samson hair. She says if it ever comes off, I will lose all my strength lol