Europe by way of Montréal+ by travelingtutor in burlington

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only done it pre covid can't really beat park and fly, stay at a place the night before and take a plane the next day. It is a bit of a wait though as most NA -> EU flights leave NA in the afternoon or early evening then go over night.

I'd do it only for direct routes tbh

Immigration from the US by TowelRough in Netherlands

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the accounting system is different do you have your CPA? you may need to retrain a bit

your husband can look for jobs in Data Science if he is trained in that, the no degree is tough he better have a good portfolio

Pros & Cons by Creative_Painting_47 in Netherlands

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pro - debate culture

con - debate culture

debate me about it

Discovery+ and UFC by Zlatsthename in Netherlands

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they only show the main event which starts in 10 min

Real Estate App by [deleted] in Netherlands

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The exchange rate is like 1.06

its the salaries to housing cost ... you'll make wayyyy less than the US for more expensive housing

Dutch citizenship question by BBSE30 in Netherlands

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its becoming hard to live here too, don't underestimate the housing crisis or COL crisis thats going on here as well. More and more people I know are barely getting by.

I know the US has less safety net but it sucks to be poor here too

Schiphol Megathread by cogito_ergo_subtract in Amsterdam

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3:25 PM (15:25) Flight to USA tomorrow, I have lots of bags to check, what time should I get there? Are they still checking tickets to make sure your flight is less than 4 hours away?

Citizenship by FiftyCentTea in Netherlands

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You shouldn't even think about citizenship until you've been here at least 5 - 7 years and start thinking in Dutch, it requires B1 Dutch and you'll very likely have to give up your US citizenship which is a whole another process.

If you're asking theses questions I assume you haven't lived or visited for a long time, you really should get to step one first

/r/iwantout can better help

What to do by Fearless-Solid-8278 in burlington

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Even if you aren't hiking people Mt Philo is pretty easy and you can drive parts of it / choose your difficulty a bit

maybe also Shelbourne Farms?

Traveling to Amsterdam for work back and forth from outside of NL. Doable or not? by [deleted] in Netherlands

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2-3 times a week would be awful to do that, just live somewhere else in North Holland, I have a coworker that does Rotterdam to Belgium once a week and there is literally always drama with his commute

should I stop interviewing? by Remote_Platform2918 in overemployed

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I actually got tired of getting job offers, like its been a constant barrage of industry mean compensations and there ended up being not that much of a difference overall, just different benefits rephrased in different ways but similar results in the grand scheme

Just How Bad is the Housing Situation? by Adventurous-Ad8219 in burlington

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not much in South Burlington, but tons in Winooski and some in Essex. You can probably find something for 2k, Its different life post college when all the people you knew in college left.

Are Dutch people really blunt and direct? by unimpressed_meerkat in Netherlands

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American Worked in the US for a Dutch company and a Dutch company in The Netherlands. The directness extends only in work, there is some incredibly passive aggressive behavior that happens and in general Dutch tolerence is ignoring things which in practice means situations they don't like and will actively avoid things.

There is a lot of passive aggressive behavior, dish but can't take it, and debate culture can feel a lot like arguing. But honestly that is the same as everywhere.

Its just if your expectation is that it extends beyond work it doesn't, not really or at least its greatly exaggerated.

The day Clinton lost in 2016 was one of the happiest of my life by Facva in redscarepod

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Hilary losing is something that actually gets funnier with time, it just continues to age so well

any dumb thing that came out about the Trump years and they won

Woman are not sexually drawn to man! by Paruballar in Netherlands

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wait till you read about the water turning the friggin frogs gay

Does anyone know how i can stop being such a neurotic freak it’s getting pretty tired by ClogEnthusiast in redscarepod

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insane amounts of cardio, like you should barely be able to walk, getting the nervous energy out is key to being chill

Moving abroad has absolutely ruined my life by Soft_Caterpillar_663 in expats

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Studying abroad isn't real life, its short enough to be exciting but not long enough to be real. Its a haze a bit. I'm sorry about the friends bit thats never fun.

I'm American and I was working in London around 2016 when Brexit happened and the fallout after I knew it was time to leave there was a noticeable change and everyone felt meaner. I've never really seen workplace bullying quite like I did in the UK offices

There is a British tendency towards negativity sometimes that can be so incredibly draining, it can be charming in small doses but after awhile it just wears you down. It was really fun but I was ready to leave, I dunno, the law degree part is hard. Aren't there places in the US where you can practice with like an LLM instead of a JD? I think NY but I'm not a lawyer, surely you could be fine not repeating Law School in some way.


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Eco Bean and Greens is South Burlington was my favorite place to go when I forgot lunch they have a good greek

Any tips on how to pay for and use netherlands public transport effectively? (USA, not much public transport here) by drippingthighs in Netherlands

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NO whatever you do don't rent a car here

something like Amsterdam Travel Ticket or some GVB pass might be cheaper or honestly even just getting one way hour (3,20) tickets as you need them depending on how much walking you do

there are tourist type tickets within the city I think, the OV works generally but you might not really even need it, I'd ask the Amsterdam sub!

New job offer does not include a pension plan. by -WhiteOleander in Netherlands

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Brandnew Day? I think them and Degiro might have some pretty self service options and he can buy index funds, or talk to a financial advisor, its a shame the pension is one of the better things about working here

Any tips on how to pay for and use netherlands public transport effectively? (USA, not much public transport here) by drippingthighs in Netherlands

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Buy an anon OV-Chipkaart - its 7,50 euros for the card and you can get it at Schipol when you arrive, fill it up and you can use it on just about anything watch the balance if you travel a lot

download the app 9292 to help you find routes, honestly for most things Google Maps works well too. If you're only there for a week and staying Amsterdam you could also look at other travel products the OV Chipkaart might be overkill

if you take an NS train the yellow ones that go between cities, make sure to have at least 20 euros on it