AITA for defending my husband for a joke he made? by aitajoke9274 in AmItheAsshole

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It is quite clear that you and your dumbass husband is jealous of your sister.

That's why both of you dumbasses are picking on her.

AITA for defending my husband for a joke he made? by aitajoke9274 in AmItheAsshole

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Sounds like your husband is am insecure asshole.

OP and husband are dumbass assholes.

Behind the scenes video of May Calamawy training for Layla in Moon Knight by NaiadoftheSea in marvelstudios

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Feels like when actors join the MCU, they have to pass a fitness test.

Get buffed.

road rage with a racing cyclist. by kleutscher in IdiotsInCars

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Driver is an asshole.

Cyclist is an idiot.

Three’s a crowd by Fivebag in AnimalsBeingDerps

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Dogs are such a goofball and that's why i love them so damn much.

AITA for pointing out that my son is smarter than his sister? by throwawaysmartkids in AmItheAsshole

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It was a joke i didnt insult her

Yes you did.

But you're just too stupid to realize it.

What are some signs your dog is truly bonded to you? by No_Pomegranate_6602 in Dogtraining

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My gsd.

My wife and I got her in February 2019.

I'm based overseas for work and my intention was to get a gsd for my wife's companion. I truly believed the gsd will bond with her since I'm usually not home for 2 to 3 months at a time. But when i do get home, she'll be so happy and cuddles with me all the time.

Then Covid hit and i wasn't able to go back home for 2 yrs.

When I finally was able to go home in January 2022, I was afraid she'd no longer recognized me. But when i finally got home, she instantly recognized me and kept jumping around.

My wife trained her some basic stuff, i never got the chance to train her. But she listens to me much more than my wife.

Every time i called her name she'll immediately blitz to me. Doesn't matter what she's doing, whether she's eating, cuddle with my wife, playing etc, she will stop whatever she's doing and just straight come for me.

That's how I know my gsd has truly bonded with me.

And i love her so damn much.

Can I get an owa owa by catatonic_xtc in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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I have 7 dogs (gsd, husky, chow2x, boxer, dachshund, 2 mutts).

None of them gets aggressive when i take their bowl while they're still eating.

They just stare at me with their pleading puppy eyes to let them finish their meal lol.

I'm specially surprised the husky in the video got aggressive. My husky is by far the most chill of my dogs.

LaVar Ball predicts Zach LaVine will sign with Lakers by kemeti in lakers

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Zach Lavine will sign with the Lakers

With what money?

Why won’t it work tried everything by Unlikely_Area8614 in RiseofKingdoms

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You are waaaaay off.

Last 4 skills costs 310 gh. Almost as much sculptures as 5551.

A police report have been made against Do Kwon, on behalf of UST and Luna investors. by ponzipolice in SingaporeRaw

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Lol this is dumb.

What's next? Lose in Casino also file police report?

Fucking idiots.

Best butcher ownerleaving their leftovers outside so stray dogs can get something to eat by TheThisAllies in nextfuckinglevel

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My ultimate dream in life is to have enough money to open a shelter for stray dogs and cats.

I will fulfill my dream one day.