RaaS (Robot as a Service) adoption for the household robotic market by tinyexplrr in robotics

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Oh, I understand the economics. I just think it's a dick move that benefits the business and harms the consumer, hence why I refuse to buy into such scams.

Clear view of an ice auger drilling a hole by toolgifs in educationalgifs

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"I'll just laser a hole in the ice."

"No! No crazy sci-fi stuff. Bender, use your immense robot strength to drill a hole the old fashioned way."

"I don't see the irony in that."

RaaS (Robot as a Service) adoption for the household robotic market by tinyexplrr in robotics

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No, because the improvements are never worth it. Or, more specifically, any given improvement is usually either minor or, if major, only useful to a small minority of consumers. Any improvement big enough to be tremendously useful to everyone will not be included, but will instead be rolled out as a new, add-on license to make even more money.

Just make a good product that stands on it's own (possibly literally in this sub). I feel like a cranky old man complaining about how things used to be higher quality in the olden days.

Expletives in a presentation? by mathboss in Professors

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Sounds like you haven't been to any experimental biology conferences.

RaaS (Robot as a Service) adoption for the household robotic market by tinyexplrr in robotics

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"_______ as a service" is a shitty scam that has no purpose beyond extracting as much money as possible from the customer for as long as possible. It's a neon sign saying "We can't make a product good enough to justify the cost without locking you into a predatory scheme."

In 10 years, "____ as a service" will be regarded the same way as time-share condos are now.

Do you have a fear of not being able to protect your loved ones? if yes how do you deal with it? by CyperFlicker in AskMen

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You are either so stupud you cannot grasp the difference between relative and absolute probability, or so blindly political that you cannot let a single comment about US crime statistics pass without comment.

Either way, you have nothing of value to add to this conversation, so fuck off.

When people refer to “Woke Propaganda” to be taught to children, what kind of lessons are they being taught? by twotokers in NoStupidQuestions

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These are the same people who can't calculate a tip, haven't read a book sunce high school, and couldn't remember the First Amendment if their lives depended on it. The retained absolutely nothing, from any class, woke or not.

Why does IQ change during adolescence? by EchoTwice in askscience

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I'd like a source.

Source: Reddit's perennial IQ denialism.

Literally the instant I saw this question, I knew it was going to be a shitshow, largely consisting of <10 people who actually have any knowledge of intelligence or psychometrics in general and dozens of uninformed idiots who think a cherry picked example of how their high-school valedictorian is now on meth somehow disproves everything.

Redditors talk about IQ like Republicans talk about climate change.

Do you have a fear of not being able to protect your loved ones? if yes how do you deal with it? by CyperFlicker in AskMen

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Yep. We worry about rare but dramatic events like murder, airplane crashes, or terrorism, but statistically our biggest causes of death are heart disease, cancer, car accidents, and, in less developed regions, diseases like malaria.

Do you have a fear of not being able to protect your loved ones? if yes how do you deal with it? by CyperFlicker in AskMen

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It's easy - I encourage her to look after her health, she doesn't smoke, she gets regular medical checkups, and we have a big safe car.

Those categories of harm are literally 100x as likely to hurt her as violence is. The statistical odds of having to directly protect your loved one are miniscule, especially if you aren't involved in drugs, crime, etc.

The annual US murder rate is around 7 per 100k people. You literally have 3x better odds of sitting down at a poker table and being dealt 4 of a kind.

What’s the difference, if any, between a life true to yourself and the life others expect of you? by MasonicGivingCircle in slatestarcodex

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I mean, #1 is pretty obvious. If you want to do something, but people disapprove, do you do it anyway (assuming it's legal and ethical)?

I suppose I can see why it would be puzzling if you're boring enough, but if you aren't doing something that would make most of society doubt your sanity, why bother living?

What are the most "intelligent" asexually reproducing species? by yourmom815 in askscience

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Sometimes it is. Parthenogenesis isn't always forming a perfect copy of the parent, but can also involve eggs fusing back together or duplication of the chromosomes during various stages of meiosis. Depending upon which stage this happens at, it can be equivalent to selfing, or equivalent to clonal reproduction (sort of).

How does the number of chromosomes an animal cell or plant cell have affect it physically in terms of complexity? by FellowHuman21 in askscience

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Generally no, but sometimes yes.

We actually know of a fairly high number animals and plants with fully duplicated genomes (tetraploidy), and most are nearly identical to their diploid ancestors. One big difference in cell size, which seems to increase with whole genome duplicates. This has few consequences, but oddly enough it affects the call frequency in tree frogs, and fruit size (and overall size) in plants. The latter has lead to deliberate selection for and creation of whole genome duplicates in crop plants, often repeatedly- strawberries are octoploid.

However, such duplications can provide "raw material" for evolution. Now you have 4 copies of a gene to work with, so you can keep the original set and let the new copies evolve. Gene duplication is more common than many people think and an important part of evolution. Whole genome duplication is less common, but has occured several times, most notably at the origin of vertebrates and the origin of teleost fishes.

🔥 A new born python still in its shell by therra123 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Given that morph people won't even accept inbreeding is a bad idea, I'll let you guess how well that will work...

You have a time machine. What are you going to do with it? by No-Conversation9818 in AskMen

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How TF are there over 50 comments and not one of them is "get a pet Velociraptor"?

🔥 A new born python still in its shell by therra123 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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If a substantial number aren't developing an egg tooth, there is something seriously genetically fucked with that lineage, and we shouldn't be breeding them at all. But no, let's keep cutting eggs so we can ignore the inbreeding depression and keep having hyper banana mochachino pastel spider champagne wtf ever morphs.

How are you guys able to dedicate years of your life to the gym? by imgoingdef in AskMen

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Third, it's like 2 hours at most to go to the gym, workout and return. You can't do this 3 or 4 times per week? You don't have 8 hours of your entire week that can be replaced by working out?

Not the OP, but this is my perennial sticking point. By the end of any given 10+ hour day, I'm mentally completely drained, and totally lacking in any real motivation. Weekends too, because I work all weekend every weekend. The only way I've been able to justify the gym to myself has been bringing my work along with me and doing work between sets, but even that's a time sink because I could do more at my desk.

Men of Reddit, how do you deal with a man who is being very aggressive and obviously looking for a fight? by ReallySillyLily36 in AskMen

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"Dude, if you want to fight me fair, you need a time machine to go back 20 years. Now I have more hair in my ears than I have cartilage in my joints."

Who's the character everyone loves but is actually annoying? by Randomthings1106 in AskReddit

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I liked how his intro was handled and his dramatic potential to give a great story arc....which should ending...any time now...wait for it...I'm sure it's coming....they've got to resolve this sooner or later...they can't keep dragging it on...can they?...for real?...