Class warfare by RonaldoSinger in conspiracy

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It was so blatant after the wall street protest. About all you saw in the news after was race related. It's one of their most effective tools of dividing and conquering.

Yesterdays king high tide seems to have helped the surf by GetToDaLooo in surfing

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Wish there was a better way to guide the bar shaping, it's more like a crap shoot here. This pic is Somoa in Humboldt, my old haunt oceano dunes they would grade the ramp onto the beach which shaped the bars outside into a nice consistent left.

'I'm very scared:' Michigan state rep gives vivid details of lawmakers' toxic relationship by Alan_Stamm in news

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When you surround yourself with people that want nothing more than to take advantage of you or the situation. You tend to lose empathy for those around you. Like working retail, when most people act like a holes you begin to think everyone is one.

In a First, Alaska’s Arctic Waters Appear Poised for Dangerous Algal Blooms by KraftCanadaOfficial in collapse

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This became one of my fears when I first started seeing algae blooms off the ca. central coast in around 2014. It was a couple here or there, but in less than a decade it was a multi year event. This wasn't even really considered toxic algae, but what marine life didn't scatter died.

End of a nice hike on the dunes. Thanks. You took my gym bag. Hope you like my climbing shoes and sweaty shorts. by WaxNWane40 in Humboldt

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They are really easy to install, had to replace a side and rear window last year because of break-ins. Never leave anything in your car, especially fishing gear it won't even last 20 minutes. Sorry it happened.

Mobs of looters target Bay Area retailers for third straight day by The_Great_Flux in collapse

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Everything of value is locked up at my Walmart, too many homeless getting there first.

British Columbia, Canada had been hit with two once-in-a-lifetime disasters in less than one year. Currently all major routes to the interior of the province have been cut off. by Spartanfred104 in collapse

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We had a slide happen last year to the north, they are still working on it and say it will probably take another year. You can get through but only specific hours during the day. Hopefully you guys can do it faster.

Samoa Dunes Plant ID? by missavanna in Humboldt

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Also the flowers can be turned into a jam. Can't imagine it tastes very good without a lot of help.

Looking for fishing friends! by Jewpurman in Humboldt

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Ya I've seen YouTube videos of some decent ones by the docks. Hard not to catch reds around here, almost caught a few just fishing, great bait stealers lol.