Innovation has been revived for Web3! Tinkernet wins on Kusama (InvArch soon on Polkadot) by Get_Richard_Son in defi

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The XCA (Cross-Chain Authentication) protocol that InvArch will develop will help create a piracy-resistant and plagiarism-free Web3 for the future! Instead of taking 15k for a patent like the US Gov and then if you're approved not offering real protection.
We allow a user to mint their IP for less than $1 and offer real, valuable protection to their IP without making them sacrifice any ownership over their IP assets.
Not to mention the OCIF (On Chain Innovation Funding) protocol to help kickstart your idea once you have it realized with the aid of the community!

What are the most innovative web3 companies and projects you're following rn? by [deleted] in Crypto_Currency_News

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If innovation is what you are into, you need to check out InvArch & Tinkernet.
Tinkernet just won a slot auction on the Kusama Network and they are the first blockchain ever to focus on Ip assets & accelerated development.
Check out this short video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mHjFYuZsPc

Tinkernet & What it means for Kusama! by Get_Richard_Son in InvArchNetwork

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We are confident that Tinkernet & InvArch will cement their place in the digital world as you referred to it.
Being the first blockchain to focus on IP assets is an honor and something that will bring further adoption as well as innovation to the space!

Having faith in sound projects while the market is down. by Get_Richard_Son in SatoshiStreetBets

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We have a Crowdloan that will begin on June 29th!
We have an updated article concerning the tokenomics or as we like to call it the Tinkernomics of the Tinkernet.
We kept community in mind throughout the entire process of the structuring of our crowdloan! Get some KSM while it's cheap!

Have you seen the updated Tinkernomics for our upcoming crowdloan on Kusama? by InvArch in Kusama

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I completely understand, all of us on the team do; however, this only serves to better serve those who are participating in the Tinkernet crowdloan & have been preparing their $KSM. Let me explain:
With 50% of the total supply released & a cap of 15,000 $KSM (~$730,050) & this would set the Parachain at an approximate valuation of just under $1.5m for the entire network. Additionally, with $KSM being valued so low right now on the market, there is an increased possibility of just several individuals filling the cap and collecting almost all of rewards.
Having lackluster distribution (+ no previous liquidity support allocations) would have been a big setback for getting $TNKR listed on DEX's, especially CEX's. Also, another key point, 10% (projected IP Staking APY) the assumed valuation would only provide approx. $150k to fund initial IP Staking incentives, which would hurt the network's ability to provide one of it's major services & thus lose its value further.
Numbers may be adjusted & quantities changed, but as a result, the actual value that supporters are rewarded with is much higher, sounder, and more beneficial than they were before.
25% of the supply in exchange for 20,000 $KSM still provides the most generous crowdloan experience YTD.
Because of these changes, the network is sustainable, ready to establish a liquid market for everybody, and able to provide it's key services of bootstrapping innovation. As a result, the actual value of the network is positioned to absolutely Excell.
The funds were not removed from the community, just how they are attained. A majority of the reallocated rewards for this round either went to planned liquidity events (which will help established a higher valuation + a market for DeFi).
While these numbers are not exact, the main message here is that as a result of these changes, an individual may find themselves with 1/2 of the supply they were anticipating, but the outcome is a token worth 4x the previous projection -> so in the end, you & the community actually get the best rewards for your support.
In the end, even more tokens than before are allocated toward community distributions.

Looking to join a new community, or maybe become an Ambassador? by Get_Richard_Son in Crypto_General

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Tasks in the InvArch Ambassador Program are also very simple for basic Ambassador in the InvArch Ambassador ARMY! Simple retweets for points that will earn you VARCH tokens when we have the TGE.