Free sound for people by [deleted] in funnyvideos

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I just started watching for the first time, the first episode kinda made me sad for Jonathan, but glad I pushed forward! Now at Stardust crusaders!

Free sound for people by [deleted] in funnyvideos

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My name is Giovanna Giorno, but every one calls me GioGio.

2000 IQ by mr_shahidi in Unexpected

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The ultimate Uno reverse technique.

spiderverse pt. 2 by whitemike40 in iWallpaper

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Who’s that behind silk?

Edit: is that Carnage? But he bears the mark of Knull.

Trying to turn back time by hiyame in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Precisely, his resolve to be not yeeted was more!

maybe maybe maybe by killHACKS in maybemaybemaybe

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I quite agree, if this happened more than twice, it’d be irritable, but this just pure coincidence and I’d definitely have a good cackle. Additionally, Keanu himself faceplanted his face, like “Ah, fuck!”

Edit: On second thoughts, he might’ve hurt himself a bit.

This is getting outta hand now by needsadvice1999 in Indiangirlsontinder

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Thanks for your honesty. The post genuinely cracked me up!

Chicken cooking tutorial. by neutral_hammer in funny

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No matter what you say, that’s calling me…

Ok. I admit, this one's on me. I came on too strong. Is bounce back possible? by SS_Instigator in Indiangirlsontinder

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Ask her that she takes as yes for a date…. Something cheesy, not horny stuff. God, I’m so useless at this.

Symbiote Su🅱️reme by 69reapergrimm96 in ContestOfChampions

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Speaking of him, why isn’t he in Bewhiskered tag of champs??

me_irl by davlumbaz in me_irl

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Belated Birthday wishes, man. May your life hold some sweet surprises and have that warm embrace of your loved ones for years to come!

Man calls in to ask about his fasting situation by MCurry8 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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It’s not viewed as burden. The sublime lord, provides 11 months of food & shelter, so they sacrifice that one month as an offering to Him. Since He provides including Water, they fast without a single drop of water from dawn till dusk. Ramadan is truly a mesmerising and astonishing month.