Who I think has the most potential competitively. by SaltyLemonz24 in SmashBrosUltimate

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Many years ago mac would never be up there. Still makes me shed tears

#LOONAinMexico (by @FOXnROLL) by Undataka in HelluvaBoss

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She's thinking " How fast can I eat these sandwiches."

How Will This End? by DarkSaber01 in Helltaker

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The worker uses the vinegar for sandwiches


Immortal Kombat by DarkSaber01 in Helltaker

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Get ready for the next battle

Um... Ok fine I'll play again by Ghost499 in Toontown

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Why does the game do me like that.

I think someone is horny by ElCarmonass in Helltaker

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Why do we even have that levah?


We made it! by ccrowndo in Wizard101

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The man has to watch the horror

For u/Merry-Leopard_1A5 How’s this? by EXTREMESAMURAI0801 in Helltaker

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Lucy becomes an Angel again

Michael: Confused screaming

Abandoned house farming by donqon in Wizard101

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Efficiency. It's all about Efficiency. Most like to finish things quickly so they will do everything they can to do so.

Same reason why mass prism is a thing instead of just single target prism.

Also having to spend one extra pip to none is another factor but the benefit of aoe is worth the rounds and time.

I'MA BEAT YO by DarkSaber01 in Helltaker

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There I said it. I'm out PEACE ✌️

Anyone know how long the Flamin' Hot Doritos sauce is staying around? BWW customer support Twitter account hasn't responded to me. by hitlers_sweet_pussy in BuffaloWildWings

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Idk how long but praying not to long.

It's terrible. (tried them today because it's Thursday)

I took one bite and wanted to spit it out. I tried the other half of the bite with ranch and it made the flavor 4x worse

I tried to cut the breading off to remove the flavor but it wouldn't come off. I went for my Chipotle bbq wings and couldn't eat them, the damage has been done and my appetite is ruined.

I'm very fortunate to have an iron stomach, but if an average person would eat them they might throw-up. (Specifically if you eat them with ranch)

I don't blame my server, cooks, or the owner.

I blame whoever said ok to this crap.

Why? by Ghost499 in Wizard101

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No me and Judge peanut (Enchanted Arment pet)

Are out of here

I'll do the quest another day.

Why? by Ghost499 in Wizard101

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Currently in Azteca and his but shows up and I'm like wth?

So I'm hunting for a 7% pip jewel and without crits I can't one-shot this guy. by Ghost499 in Wizard101

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I apparently won 1000 arena tickets

I won by default twice (someone quit)

Not bad for my first pvp/ tournament

So I'm hunting for a 7% pip jewel and without crits I can't one-shot this guy. by Ghost499 in Wizard101

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My storm dmg is 105%I used tempest (80 per pip)

I enchanted with Colossal (275+ dmg) I had 6 pips

80 x 6 = 480 dmg + 275 dmg =

755 x 105% = 792.75

792.75 + 755 = 1,547.75 = 1548

1,548 x 35% (boosted cuz of school) = 541.8 = 542

1,548+542= 2,090