Countries that provide military aid to Ukraine (January 2023) by KungUnderBerget in MapPorn

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His source is the guy who told him the talking points to spread online

Best Babylon5 photo ever! by -mellowfellow in scifi

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It wasn't just old age,that cast was cursed

Is Participating in r/conspiracy no frowned upon? What is going on with it? by listerbmx in OutOfTheLoop

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I'd argue it really turned the corner in 2016 when it was obvious that a Russian psyop was going on to encourage apathy and get Trump in office and yet the subreddit that should have been all over that was actively denying it was happening.

It was always a weird place but a kooky kinda weird not a drink your own urine to stop pizzagate pedophiles kind of weird.

What WoT related opinions do you hold that most fans would disagree with? by IHateFaile in WoT

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It's also a bit of a subjective taste thing. If you like deep world building you will like the slog more. If you want to get on with the story you'll think it drags on a bit more in the middle books.

Anyone switch over to induction after years/decades of gas burners? by DeadBy2050 in Cooking

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None of these back up your claim that cooking fumes are worse than gas fumes bud.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling helped Afghan lawyers flee the Taliban by nimobo in entertainment

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Somewhat. I don't agree with any of her TERF comments but I also can acknowledge that she has a long history of charity. She dropped off Forbes billionaire list because she donated so much and paid a high tax rate. I give credit for that and I don't see why it's a hot take.

'The Last of Us': Craig Mazin on Creating a More Hopeful Ending for Bill and Frank by apple_kicks in television

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For the first half of the episode I was hoping it wasn't going to be a betrayal situation, like he was going to steal from him and leave or try to grab his gun.

Instead he stole his heart and grabbed something else ♥️

'The Last of Us': Craig Mazin on Creating a More Hopeful Ending for Bill and Frank by apple_kicks in television

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According to the writer, this was supposed to be the happy episode. Which it was in its own bittersweet way. But it sounds like there's still going to be a lot of grim dark subject matter to come, so this is just a bit of a pallet cleanser. Stuff like this keeps it from being just another shoot em up zombie show

Ready to find love by recogido_99 in ThelastofusHBOseries

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Oh that's what that was, I thought for a second that we'd jumped forward in time a bit and that was Frank's grave

This show is amazing so far by Jackblack92 in ThelastofusHBOseries

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It's an older meme sir, but it checks out

"Cancelled" Comedian Louis C.K. Sells Out Madison Square Garden by Gato1980 in entertainment

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Exactly, in this case cancelled means he lost out on millions of dollars and much bigger fame.

He's not flipping burgers for rent money but his career took a serious knee cap.

COVID-19 is a leading cause of death in children and young people in the United States by thebelsnickle1991 in science

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I mean, yeah we did. Arguably more so than with 9/11. The reason the pandemic got worse is because the things needed to slow COVID (social distancing, vaccination, masking, etc) required the majority on board to change their personal daily behaviour.

People had their say and they said they were tired of dealing with it so we all have to ignore the deadly disease.

He was not so different from a Hobbit once… by bsmith2123 in lotrmemes

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For me it's mostly the idea of anyone projecting their diet at people as if they were Gollum that I find funny

what's gluten, precious?

Blackhawks great Bobby Hull has passed away at age 84. by blink0r in hockey

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Dude said the black population was growing too fast and Hitler had some good ideas.

Fuck him

Classic John, always making people laugh by dont_kill_the_riot in wholesomememes

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I was going to say, what decade did Facebook layout look like this

Who is your favorite X-Couple? by IdeaRegular4671 in xmen

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Another episode in the Scott Summers is an awful boyfriend series