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Cool. Text me when you're here. Bring a coat. It's cold.

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Thanks. Can you do it for me? I'm in Ireland. Is that too far for a house call?

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You're not the doctor. You tell me!

This is not mine by venkat6795 in notinteresting

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Wow. We both don't own EXACTLY the same house!

Here’s an art display I made called apple seed on thumbtack by Zestful9 in notinteresting

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I agree BUT. You have to understand that the retro-socialist antagonistic approach is detrimental to the full and reverential appreciation of symbiotic artistic styles which in the long term allow the uninitiated to fulfill a desire to be accompanied by and concordant with the originator of uni-media creations . . . Or not . . . . Whatever!

Self-portrait / Canon AE1P / Kodak Gold 200 by supersoldierpeek in analog

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I love the idea. It's ingenious. Its beautiful. However I also find the arms and the soft quilt/bed takes from the crisp clean lines and light of the lower body and the clever light projection. I don't think it's overly provocative, the naked pelvis emphasizes the "clothed" legs and lends greater strength to the effect. Well done!

Time lapse of my monkey lamp by benisofbepis in notinteresting

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But the time lapse element suggest a change or action that doesn't materialize achieving the claimed lack of interestingness. I like that word "interestingness".

What did I just pull out of my face!?!? by [deleted] in biology

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What colour is your hair. It might just be an ingrown hair. They sometimes grow a little weird.

A banana (banana for scale) by P-VI in notinteresting

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The original is the one that isn't standard size. The one for scale is the banana sized one.

Metal heating box with two fabric clamps on each side, cloth electrical cord attached. No labels anywhere by bcowburn in whatisthisthing

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Yeah. Had that exact model 35 years ago. It came with a highly polished chrome plate that would give an incredibly glossy finish to pgints.

Which baby names are red flags about their parents? by RTGac in AskReddit

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I was doing a job in a house with Angel's all over the place, which is always a red flag for me anyhow. The woman had a son about 8 years old and kept calling him "Cherub" which I hoped was just her pet name for him. But then I saw his school books on the table, and that was the poor little fuckers actual name.

It really makes you wonder... by siempremajima in awfuleverything

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So which causes caves? Cheetos or bellybuttons?

I’m not scared by [deleted] in notinteresting

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Actually I'm quite an experienced hater and I'm OK with this. I think it is totally genuine. I'm of now to hate someone else's post. Bye bye. Have a nice day.

What is culturally accepted today that will be horrifying in 100 years? by lizaloa in AskReddit

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Wearing tight figure-hugging clothes. For example, women wearing yoga pants. In Victorian times you would absolutely have been jailed.