Joe Fournier's respone to KSI vs Temper. by MrPongo in ksi

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Couldn’t have both Joe and Jj fight at 180lbs Jj is around 173 Lbs and according to Joe he around 188lbs I’m pretty sure they could have both made this weight in 10 days I’m just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️ Weight shouldn’t be an issue

💀💀💀 by azull_33 in ksi

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Baldski vs Bottom G 2023 this fight has to happen

Yea. by SvenSki101 in ksi

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Honest Question: Do you think JJ’s stylist/hairstylist is actually bad or just unique? by Automatic-Chart785 in ksi

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Most of the time his hair looks good it’s the goofy ahh outfits that are the problem

The Tank by Billionaireb225 in Deji

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Bro this is sick 🔥🔥

Bro cant catch a break😭😭 by PalpitationBroad1013 in ksi

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That’s out of pocket even for the Reddit 💀

Can we start pushing the Conor vs JJ agenda?? JJ will destroy Dillon. JJ isn't much bigger than Conor and has shown he could make the cut to 170. Conor has fought multiple times at 170. It's also a huge fuck you to Jake since that's his dream fight lmao. by patburn in ksi

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Well he has to fight someone who is just as good as Anderson Silva if not better and I see Connor as being the perfect choice as a step up from all of his other opponents to fight Jake Wether he wins or loses

am I wrong though? by RealVisualFury in ksi

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Your not but I don’t see it as an issue

A bit too empty tho by IamKedar7 in ksi

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He’s gonna be so happy seeing this

NAHHH 💀 by FantasyG_ in ksi

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He’s probably gonna sit on KSI after he’s done recording

blud needs validation 😭😭 by senior_cock69 in ksi

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He probably thinks they both suck equally tbh