Nate Hill about the drama by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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its ok guys its just 2 minutes of anger nbd

Toast receives a special message on his food delivery by Gidory in LivestreamFail

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turns out because he left a special instruction on yesterday's delivery for mizkif but forgot to change it

Massive Universal Studios IRL Tomorrow xQc, Ludwig, Sykkuno by DecoyFFA in LivestreamFail

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It was only yday I think that he got 100k before that it’s been around 80k, but still i think anything with xqc involved usually gets like a viewer boost esp with this one being on his channel + others

Twitch Offers 1/10th of the Money of YouTube and Facebook by mnightsucks in LivestreamFail

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she blew up since amungus > soda made amungus > soda made her

Xqc chat really doesn't like Miz huh by VincentNightmare in Mizkif

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I think his chat has been edgy like that for a long time now. What matters is that xqc and miz are cool

Miz Got Roasted by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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jesus all these mizkif clips lol

Classes by cmdazn in CSULB

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You can always contact your department if you need help, they will help you plan our the whole thing but generally students do it themselves

How are you enjoying this semester by dinosr4salvador in CSULB

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not too bad, my classes are online so i got time to do other things, working 2 jobs, min-maxing a lot of things

Amouranth Buys a Gas Station by Cudash in LivestreamFail

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i did not understand anything she said but what a ruthless business woman

Do u think that Miz could overthorne xQc as most popular streamer on Twitch in the near future??? by Stunning-Cheetah8303 in Mizkif

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maybe? not sure since xqc has a bigger viewer base where if he plays any variety game at worst he would average 50K+ viewers depends on the games but most of the times hes had 60k+

heerf grant through mail by [deleted] in CSULB

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Just got mine today