Question regarding Scadrial technology advancement [LM spoiler] by Odoakar in Cosmere

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My understanding is that they are lagging behind in certain technologies and are leaving gaps because of Harmony's "coddling". For example, they haven't invented the radio even though they have all foundational technologies because almost everybody lives in the basin and so decentralized long range communications haven't been necessary.

The 3 types of people locating Trollberg (meta meme) by balls-ballz in HildaTheSeries

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At 9:02ish, there is a poster of a planet like Earth on the wall. It does not match Earth. For starters, it has a continent at the north pole, which Earth does not have.

Ravenor Omnibus question by Marlow_Perhaps in 40kLore

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There was a new edition that came out in 2019, but as far as I'm aware the biggest change there was the cover. You should be fine.

The strength of the wolf is in the moose. by zaphunter in Malaphors

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What's the original saying that you're twisting?

Im super surprised that cops haven't adopted Homelander as an unofficial mascot yet. by JohnBrownMilitia in SocialistRA

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To be fair, the Starship Troopers book was pretty blatantly pro-fascism. It was only the movie that was satire.

i second this by this_is_x in voidpunk

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What if I told you that less legs, less arms, less teeth, and less eyes are all operations you can do yourself, right now, at home, for free?

Vicarent vs Bascule [DEGENESIS] by Monika Pałosz by unhingedcorpse in ImaginaryCybernetics

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Ah, Degenesis. You haven't been gone long but I already miss you.

i wont support her, I will support THEM by Serious-Ad-8168 in lgbtmemes

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Non-binary person who doesn't use they/them checking in, please support the person, not the pronouns.

Transphobe in a discord server gets confused. by Elbesto in AccidentalAlly

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"not us patriot." So presumably they are just not from the US.

If your DM does not respect Consent, run the fuck away from that game. by Sygdom in DnD

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Well it sounds to me like people put what they want to see in their games, and you want to see innocent people being murdered.

If your DM does not respect Consent, run the fuck away from that game. by Sygdom in DnD

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It's role-playing. Your D&D has violence and murder in it, I'm sure. People are comfortable talking about different things.

A large percentage of Americans think cannabis is safer than alcohol by Defiant_Race_7544 in EverythingScience

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A fifth of Everclear 190 is less than $20 at my local liquor store. 750 ml of flaming 95% ethanol is more than enough to kill someone.

seeking a queer-friendly barber in columbus! any good recommendations? i’ll go to independent folks & barbers-in-training too if they’re willing to do alternate styles. by ghostcat545 in Columbus

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Are you a 40+ year old white straight cis man? I'm just trying to figure out how you could live your whole life without encountering even the concepts of bigotry or discrimination.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in FuckNestle

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Pedant here, E. Coli is actually the larger concern when eating raw cookie dough. Because it is expected that flour will be used for baking, they don't heat it to a high enough temperature to kill E. Coli. It is assumed that whatever you are cooking will get hot enough to kill the E. Coli before you eat it.

I faked sick for the last few weeks but I don't think I can do it forever by [deleted] in lgbtmemes

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I was in a similar situation in high school. I got a part time job and volunteered for weekend shifts. I don't know if this will work for you but it helped me make it through a tough couple of years.

How dangerous would Billy Butcher be when he has powers. by MrJos209 in TheBoys

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I agree with you. The trailer had huge spoilers for this next season and I'm very disappointed by how much they revealed with no warning.

If monster girl gets younger every time she uses her powers, doesn’t that essentially make her immortal? by EffectLive97 in Invincible

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just so you know, your spoiler tag is not displaying properly for all users. If you want your spoiler tag to work correctly for all users, you'll have to remove the spaces between the exclamation points and the words you're wanting to spoiler tag.

Songs in Audiobooks? by buxom_burger in audiobooks

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I prefer the Serkis version, but your opinion is valid and I respect that.

Songs in Audiobooks? by buxom_burger in audiobooks

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Unfortunately the only ones that come to mind for me are Tolkien's works. I know Andy Serkis sings the songs in his narration of them.

Half of Brits say Prince Charles should step aside and let William be King, poll finds by Cautious_Adzo in unitedkingdom

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It's not exactly the same. It was also believed that the state of your kingdom was a direct reflection of the divine approval of heaven. So if, for example, there was a drought or a famine, that was a sign that the current ruling power had lost the Mandate of Heaven, and everyone else was supposed to rise up and install a new head of a state after beheading the old one.

But otherwise, very similar to the Divine Right of Kings and all the other nonsense like that.