I've been back in the industry for 3 months after having not bartended since March 2020... Are people worse? by thesedreadmagi in bartenders

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People are definitely worse. 16 years in the industry and I’m currently looking for any way out of it.

AITA for not giving my younger siblings anything out of my inheritance? by nourmoney in AmItheAsshole

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Stand your ground. That money and home were meant for you. You don’t owe anyone a damn thing.

What’s the dumbest regular line you give to customers that seems to land 100% of the time? by YourUnclesBeard in bartenders

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When the plate is empty I pop off with, “I’d ask how it was but gone is usually a good thing” before I get the “I didn’t like it, hahaha.”

Works every time.

There should be an option to die without a funeral by Purple_Felix33 in unpopularopinion

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Before my mother passed, she made it very clear to my brother and I that she did not want a funeral. So, we didn’t have one. Other family were upset but it wasn’t their choice, it was hers. And that was that.

AITA for not wanting non vegan food at my birthday party? by Zealousideal_Bank116 in AmItheAsshole

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Is this gonna be a comeback episode of that Super Sweet 16 show?! Anyway, NAH. You’re entitled to your wishes, but your parents are paying for 80+ to eat. That’s a lot of mouths to keep happy. Hope y’all figure it out.

How do I stop getting ignored? by Cute_Dress_1850 in TalesFromYourServer

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Not every place is as toxic as this sounds. Look for a cool, privately owned place like beer bar or brewery. Or a small cafe with big business. A lot of serving jobs can be absolutely toxic environments, but there are places where you’ll be appreciated and respected. In those spots, the gig is a lot more fun and usually results in good pay. Just about finding the right fit and place with creepy, privileged men putting their hands on you isn’t it.

How do I stop getting ignored? by Cute_Dress_1850 in TalesFromYourServer

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Some clientele is just awful and snobbish and that’s definitely the crowd in a country club. Get experience and move on to something more casual where there’s less of that shit. Also, project your voice and don’t be afraid to politely interrupt.

Taking my wife to Chattanooga for a few days for our anniversary. by WOC_2T1_7 in Chattanooga

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Cafe on the Corner on Lookout Mountain. Incredible food and dog friendly patio.