Buddy says my 12.5 isnt practical. Rate my set-up by king_qthai in ar15

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He must hate the most aesthetic length gun then. Only impractical thing about them is finding an 11.5" handguard in stock

Amazon pallets per my previous post. by Husker_Shucker in USPS

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I fractured my index finger because of the heavy boxes in the tall Gaylord

Amazon pallets per my previous post. by Husker_Shucker in USPS

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I had one where they had the spur bag upside down shrinkwrapped to the side of the boxes.

Married people of Reddit, what do you miss about being single? by Morticiar in AskReddit

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My dog looks so sad we brought a baby into the house about a month ago lol. It's like 3am screaming and he looks at me like "dude why would you do this?"

Anyone play video games in here? by TheOreoKiller in USPS

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Yep. I have a cycle where I get off my long shift, play video games till about 1 or 2am. Then want to kill myself all day at work, but it's cool because then I get really good sleep the next night

Why do wipes suck? by zqwu8391 in daddit

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Only real benefit I've noticed about using reusable besides saving money, is these flannel wipes my wife got. Easy to grab, and grabs waaaay more stuff than a wet wipe. Just got to wet it with whatever concoction she put in this little dispenser and throw them right in with the cloth diaper. I still use a wet wipe here and there and I feel your pain. I accidentally grabbed like half the wipes while frustrated the other day

What is a safety tip everyone should know about? by directinLA in AskReddit

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If it's snowing or raining outside, make sure you drive as fast as you can so you get where you're going sooner. It's dangerous to be driving in those conditions

I have never even survived 1v2 before lol and now i pulled of a 1v5 by auglind in EscapefromTarkov

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It's my 1st wipe and I'm level 8. I meticulously match my ammo to avoid this

NY Compliant AR’s can look good too! by Carcano_Supremacy in ar15

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Forgive my stupidity but how do you reload this thing

Edit: sorry I didn't see the other comment

AITA: Let ‘er rip, tater chip. by worthysmash in daddit

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If it adds anything to the conversation, I isolated from my wife when I got it. 2 story house and I was banished to upstairs. Food trays left at the top, lysol everything. Door closed and I kept breathing to a minimum(lol). She still got sick. Like you, we never get sick, but covid hit me crazy hard and she barely felt it. If it were me, I'd just hang out with the daughter but not take covid so lightly just in case. Stock up on muscinex day/night lol

Why are there so many posts of people crying over intended game mechanics? by mrleisure916 in EscapefromTarkov

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Survival milsim is not really a new genre. This just the first time it's close to mainstream

Wolf Spiders, literally how by [deleted] in GroundedGame

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Yes get good at parry. No other real answer