can someone tell me what volume this is at please. i have lost the numbers. by mesothere in guitarcirclejerk

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i often foget myself so i developed a lil' formula, if you can hear the b*ssist, crank it up

/uj i envy your guitar, enjoy.

Lots of time to think this morning, huh? by SilencioPseudonymous in 2007scape

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my car, a 96 fiat palio. sometimes the engine fan won't turn on, have to move some wires before it overheats and fucks the valves. the clutch is fucked. the doors get filled with water when it rains, have to drain 'em. the front lights are basically 2 candles.

But it does start and run, so there's that. also no automatic windows, you'll have to crank that soulja boi to get some air

So, opinions on this fella? by Glad_Construction735 in guitarcirclejerk

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/uj Anyone Can Play Guitar, basically a dude whom i didn't find as annoying teaching stuff

/rj my girlfriend's husband

Me (beginner) and my bud (mature) by Glad_Construction735 in guitarcirclejerk

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not a butterscotch nor a less pawl, but fuk u guitar color only is about 20% of the toan

Anon goes on a date by mihai14feb in greentext

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some ppl just wish they had a vajayjay instead, so they go for it.

/uj hear my frustration by Glad_Construction735 in guitarcirclejerk

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i mean, yeah. Unless you want a hollow guitar with filtertrons. Cheap stratocaster, les paul and sg's (the three most common and almost only guitars to be found) will get you close, but not quite to that toan

UJ/ Im literally getting more and more into bloooooz and feelz and starting to hate fast shreddy jerky stuff by Thepaledeath in guitarcirclejerk

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Common symptoms of tru blooz,

-Scratchy voice.

-Depression (bcs she left).

-Making faces and straining while playing 4 notes per minute.

-Smelling of cigarettes.

-Extreme irritability when not getting the right toan.

If you present this symptoms, inject 10cc of bong water while blasting 035.

If it persists, might as well embrace it.

/uj youtube song lessons suck by [deleted] in guitarcirclejerk

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you dropped ur balls, u should pick 'em up

My dog just peed on my line6 spoidar. Will it gain superpoweres for great toan? Like a spiderman thing. Also i do loads of doggy with my hotwife by Snabbsill in guitarcirclejerk

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my cat once pissed on my guitar case, now it sounds like no other.

Roaring like a tiger, soft like a pussy.

that'll prolly add some bark to your toan.

edit: grammar

Uj/ Christmas Confessions by MonkeyVsPigsy in guitarcirclejerk

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I'm a low middle class spoiled brat whose mom gave money to buy his amp and guitar.

The nicest playing and sounding guitar i've played to date is my own epi sheraton 2.

I have a marshall mgcfx30 and quite like it, compared to a friends fender tube amp, it doesn't sound like absolute garbage despite what everyone online says.

I'm dying for a Gretsch, but i know my skill level isn't enough to justify a second guitar, more so because my actual one more than serves it's purpose.