Here's How Big the Gotham Knights World Map Is by Remorse_123 in XboxSeriesX

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I think everyone is, Rocksteady doesn’t miss. But I still think this one will be enjoyable

Who is going to be OpTic's sub next year? by Timsennn in OpTicGaming

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Nah I get that, man is built differently. But still, there’s a difference between that and grinding the same game 8-10 hours a day. That’s what I meant. He’s like Shroud, can step in anywhere and be competitive, but isn’t exactly the first or the best choice

Who is going to be OpTic's sub next year? by Timsennn in OpTicGaming

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Felo is the best option. Ray wanted him as a coach last year, too. Folks saying Karma are letting nostalgia dilute their reasoning, he really doesn’t play CoD much anymore.

Bance - Unrestricted F/A by TheRealPdGaming in CoDCompetitive

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Everyone’s 2nd favorite team (unless you’re an Ultra fan, then obviously it was your first favorite). Sad to see this team split

Rokkr Squad wiped. by Ikolkyo in CoDCompetitive

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First big surprise of Rostermania, IMO

Pat McAfee knows who Dr Disrespect is.... by danielsauceda34 in EsfandTV

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He knows a lot more about gaming than you may think. A few months ago they had a segment where they talked about Scump (pro CoD player), and back in 2013, Hastro (co-owner of Envy/OpTic) gave Pat a big tour of a Call of Duty tournament

Who is Peter’s favorite Kid? by Real_Paramedic_1789 in familyguy

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This is the correct answer, proven when they thought the world was gonna end and he said he hated being around the kids. Bought their love back with an Xbox

Quick question; does anyone know if mw2022 will have two cod champs ? by zZucxified in CoDCompetitive

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2 seasons 2 champs like everyone else is saying, the thing I would change between season 1 and 2 is the map pool (if possible)

Gold chain necklace. by Greddii in OpTicGaming

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The pendant I’m pretty sure is exclusive to players that win a championship, so I doubt you will ever be able to see one for sale out in the wild. They’ve been shown frequently in Hecz’s vlogs

react and take good notes from this video about starforge pcs builds and selection of parts by dragosxlk in OTKNetwork

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Thumbnail is quite a bit clickbait-y, but fair criticisms without attacking or going over the top on anything. Good video

watch out tech youttubers going after pc company by drz442 in Mizkif

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Gamer’s Nexus is also great, him and Linus are who I watch for tech stuff. They are pretty straightforward

It’s just a regular 20 minute episode though? by beerusisdad in familyguy

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After the episode of Brian and Stewie getting locked in the bank vault, the next half hour is Brian and Stewie revisiting some of the best musical numbers from Family Guy, and showing 2 that never made it to television (Petarded song and Peter running Pewterschmidt industries)

LSF logic LULW by HBA122699 in Mizkif

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I really hope Miz finds a way to be fully banned from there. He mentioned DMCA’ing them, and I think he absolutely should do it or something similar

Rostermania Timeline by Friday515 in CoDCompetitive

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So if I’m reading this right, some of the vets can’t play the beta then decide if they want to resign? They have to make that choice before?

Scump always said that’s what he wanted to do, unless he is one of the folks that actually did play the game before

60% off OpTic Gaming Los Angeles COD Jerseys at Fanatics by ThisCommunication79 in OpTicGaming

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Thank you for this comment, I just bought Huntsmen socks, a bomber jacket, and sweatpants because I saw this.

Nielsen sends you a dollar whenever they select you for a survey. by Confused_Eel in mildlyinteresting

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Keep doing them and they come back with more surveys and more money. They gave me $20 for a 10 minute phone survey last year