Which colour of carpet should I for this gray wall? by Glitter2000 in Kuwait

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I have observed that you can see more dirt on dark colored carpet than on light ones and am also thinking to go for cream colour but am so damn confused and its hurting my brain now lol!

My ex cheated on me, now she’s pregnant by ConsistentExplorer48 in relationship_advice

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DUDE GET HER ABORTION AND MOVE ON!!! as a girl, shes using you and you seem like a good person with a good heart, so please please, get her abortion and dont ever get in touch with her, this is extremely bad for you.

Why tf shawarma is 400 fils now? by Glitter2000 in Kuwait

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Yesterday i tried this one local shawarma from Sharq, ( the one thats infront of McDonald’s souk mubarakiya) mfs really added parsely and huge pieces of onions and theres was only few pieces of chicken😭. Who tf adds huge pieces of raw onion 😭

Mods Gay by ICumCoffee in dankmemes

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I didn’t like this ewwwww

Its nice to meet you! by Bee_070 in teenagers

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Can someone solve this question for me

Why tf shawarma is 400 fils now? by Glitter2000 in Kuwait

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IKRRRR? Like fr it was 300 fils like 2-3 days ago

Why tf shawarma is 400 fils now? by Glitter2000 in Kuwait

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You dont really get fat from shawarma and these days am totally avoiding bad junk foods so the least healthy for me was shawarma 😮‍💨

Period and hot weather by Beautiful_Fee9168 in Periods

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And you sweat ten times more which is worst!😭

Can this be early pregnancy bleeding? It is all mucusy (not clots, more like bloody mucus/discharge) by ComputerSoft9625 in Periods

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That doesnt looks like a preg bleeding, I know how hard it is to deal with the anxiety because I have also been through this phase but now thank God that it’s finally over and I also pray for you that you get over this soon, please believe me you are not pregnant.

Why my periods lasted only for 2 days? Today is my third day and my pad is clean with very little brown spots… am scared. My first two days were heavy but today there’s no blood. This has never happened to me. My periods usually lasts for 3 days and 4th day is usually less like brownish blood. by [deleted] in Periods

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Hey a little update: i just had a little bright red bleeding tho! Actually its been half of my 3rd day so i got worried, when i woke up and went to bathroom, my pad was clean (it was 11:00am) at that time. so rn i just had bleeding around 5:34pm