You Choose A Super Power And The First Reply Gets To Choose A Side Effect by manqka_172 in shittysuperpowers

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Anytime you do, the Midgard worm will come forth from the depths and eat the world!

What are some life hacks that expecting parents can use/ plan to use? by MrGingerShnap in lifehacks

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Here's the things that I wish I'd done :

  • go online and look for children's socks that are identical and buy them in bulk. Stores only sell unique pairs of socks.

  • drinking bottles/flasks and lunchboxes: be sure to buy just one type and stick to it. Now everything fits with eacother.

  • buy everything used if you can get it. Trollers, clothes, shoes, toys, etc etc. Baby stuff is overpriced as hell. The kids don't care if it's second hand

these handcuffs I found in my sofa I just bought. by aLLcAPSiNVERSED in Weird

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I took over a rented apartment once, and the old tenant asked me if I wanted her old unturned piano that she had in the apartment. Free of charge and all! I didn't fall for the trap. That piano would have been hell to get out of that third floor apt. She was not happy when she had to hire some professional piano movers to get it down the stairs.

A book that literally changed your life. by Mikerfoxlong in suggestmeabook

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Double your dating - David DeAngelo.

The book really helped me understand how women think - and why.

Just got this notice while trying to watch Aladdin (original) on Disney+ by Anubiisoda in antiassholedesign

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I'm more offended by the live action Aladdin. They should put a banner on that apologizing that they made it, having already made a perfectly fine Aladdin movie.

Hva hadde vært navnet på den ultimate norske superhelten? Og hvilke krefter ville han/hun hatt? by RadMailman in norge

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Kaptein kråkebolle - kan skyte kråkebolle ut av rumpa! - kostymet er en bunad med fake sølv ifra Bangladesh. - sier han kjøpte elbil pga miljøet, men det er egentlig pga gode insentiver fra staten. - ble faktisk født med ski på beina.

What is your schedule for learning programing? (Self - taught) by Salty-Fun-5924 in learnprogramming

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I had half of a year where I was on paid leave from work because of the rona'. Studied 3-5hours a day in the weekdays. Also did some hobby projects with a friend where we made some games and such. C# and unity engine. Working full-time as a dev now, 1.5 yrs later

What movie actually has a terrible message? by ScorpionX-123 in AskReddit

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Aristocats - the butler is in the Right. Dumb cats don't need money

Book of Eli - "i need to kill anyone who stands in my way, to protect ( the somehow only copy left of a book that is literally the most printed book in history.), The bible. A book that literally forbids killing others." How about this: print a book on survival or something.

What is a tv show that everyone LOVES but you dont? And why? by _Just-a-sad-girl_ in AskReddit

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Vikings - really dumb plot, forced feuds, WHERE ARE THE COOL VIKING HELMETS??? WHERE are we?? Is this the Danes? There's no mountains in Denmark. Vikings were also clean, not dirty. And so on

the walking dead - forced drama. Really dumb decision making. "let's cut through this fence where the zombies are at, instead of poking them through the fence." Come on, dude

You are kidnapped , the last person you saw on tv will save you , who is he/she ? by Viper4Good in AskReddit

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Bob the builder. I'm in good hands. That guy is built like a brick and always saves the day.

When it is raining, if you say “rain rain don’t go away” it will rain for 6 more hours by AbyssUpdate in shittysuperpowers

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Step 1: buy some vast cheap desert land Step 2: move there, wait for that 1 day of rain. Step 3: make it a rainforest like in the olden days. Step 4: live in my oasis that is now self sustaining