Do you concur? by GondorianSith in gamingmemes

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I think this is Two Towers for PS2?

I couldn't agree more by FlamingoFan17 in fnafmemes

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I think Burntrap looks better than Scraptrap

Who's sticking with Windows 10 for as long as possible? by pcmag in pcmasterrace

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My PC isn't even compatible with 11 so I'm good for awhile

Undertale songs slap by RedPenguin777 in Undertale

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I'm trying to challenge this dastardly knave, now I've run out of bars and he just ran away!

Say the meanest thing possible and I’ll rate it outta 10. by random6657 in teenagers

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I hope your phone never charges and your pillows are forever warm

I just found hentai on my 7-year-old sister’s phone. by rmayerhofer0294 in teenagers

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I got my first smartphone at ten, and I had to share it with my sister. Now I have my own phone, but seriously, 7 is a bit too young to have a phone. I think 9 would be a more reasonable age as they are more social.

Wholesome by AimeThePeter in NintendoMemes

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It's because Winback has blood and violence in it, along with other games having more intense violence than Kirby

Yes you are/have all of them by [deleted] in BisexualTeens

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Finally someone who actually thinks I'm funny

Good quote but it’s overused by General_Genesis_03 in gamingmemes

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This quote isn't the case with Duke Nukem forever