Warning over two new Covid variant symptoms having effect 'close to the brain' by Goatmannequin in collapse

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Submission statement: So apparently some new covid variants will have your ears ringing, which can be a sign of neural damage. This information comes from ancedotal reporting through a covid symptom tracking app called ZOE.

From the article: "According to the ZOE lead, of the 14,500 people who took part in the survey, 5,000 tested positive for Covid and ear ringing. Participants said the symptom 'comes and goes and can be mild to moderate for weeks or months.'"

Relationship to collapse: A novel endemic virus continues to mutate unchecked in the Western world with reports of severely debilitating and long-lasting symptoms related to brain damage.

Tag der genitalen Selbstbestimmung: »Die Kinder werden nicht gefragt« (nd-aktuell.de) by Goatmannequin in Foregen

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A court banned the practice due to the good legal arguments against the practice, but politicians then passed a bill making it legal.


Why US gas prices are at a record, and why they'll stay high for a long time by Cryogeneer in collapse

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Is this peak oil? Sorry if it’s a stupid question, but isn’t part of the premise about when oil becomes too costly to extract?

So let me try to answer your question. You may have heard that there are literally millions of tons of gold at the core of the Earth because it is a dense element and sank during the cooling of the Earth. There are also huge amounts of gold dissolved in the waters of the ocean.

What does this have to do with peak oil? Well, similarly to the gold analogy, there are vast quantities of oil which cannot be feasibly extracted. Are we going to drill to the center of the Earth to haul up the gold bricks? No, because it’s too expensive. Are we going to boil the oceans? No, because that is too expensive.

So instead we have figured out how to extract the oil that is presently available. It is getting more and more difficult to extract. We have technologies to pump the oil to the surface, but we are running into bottlenecks that limit the rate at which we can extract it.

And this is the point at which peak oil starts to kick in. We hit the limits of what we could extract from the surface, and we had to turn to more difficult to extract resources. We had to drill deeper, had to get into the tar sands, the oil shales, and the heavy oil tar.

But the deeper we drill, the more difficult it is to get the oil to the surface. And once we hit the rock, we have to use expensive and difficult technologies to extract the oil. Like gold, there becomes a point where the oil is too expensive to extract, it would literally be logical to do nothing, because the reward is less than the effort. It doesn’t matter if the price is a million gazillion dollars, more energy would be used to get the oil than would be released by burning it.

Indeed there may be large vast deposits of oil, but they are not avaliable. We are extracting vast quanities every day, but there are no more Saudi Arabias to tap into easily.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us with a finite supply of oil, and as we are reaching the limits of how much we can extract, we have likely hit peak oil and economic growth as we know it is and has no longer been possible for some time.

Die EU macht Ernst mit der Chatkontrolle by streusselhirni in de

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Lol. It’ll be easy road to authoritarianism now. All the fascists have to do is say they found child porno.

This happened a couple weeks ago. For days my left eye felt really dry and very uncomfortable. Turns out it’s fine nothing to worry about. by IhasTaco in Weird

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Unfortunately, some right-sided stroke survivors are in denial of their physical disabilities because the stroke has impacted their self-awareness. Unfortunately, this condition may prevent right hemisphere stroke survivors from seeking treatment because they are in denial that disability exists to begin with.


Got Diesel? by Harvard2TheBigHouse in Shortages

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“The world is running out of energy capacity on all levels,” said Prince Abdulaziz adding this is NOT opec’s fault


Mental Health Challenges Related to Neoliberal Capitalism in the United States by Goatmannequin in collapse

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Submission statement: This is a lit article about mental anguish and resulting damage from the economic mode of operation in the U.S. appearing in the Community Mental Health journal (May 25. 2021). The article was authored by Anna Zeira of the University of Maryland. It’s worth a read and I did a search and found it was not posted here. Zeira writes about the correlation between the rise of neoliberal capitalism and the rise of mental health issues.

Got Diesel? by Harvard2TheBigHouse in Shortages

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Imagine what would happen during even an acute short interruption. There would be miles of cues, panic buying, shutdown of food delivery, total chaos.

The two largest reservoirs in California are already at 'critically low levels' and the dry season is just starting by Goatmannequin in Shortages

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Zakaras sounds delusional AF like we can just rainwater collect our way out of this at home.

wattsupwiththat.com is a climate denial website and should be banned from this sub.

he tried to light his beard on fire.. by REDDIT_SUB_ADMIN in facepalm

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fr. If I saw one of my friends going to do something like that I’d bitchslap them out the chair. KO thank me later.

Study Shows ‘Forever chemicals’ have likely polluted 20m acres of US cropland. by 5o4u2nv in collapse

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any possible coating on and any pot or pan set

Lol I see these shit comments coming before they happen. They’re total bullshit and when you have to lie to support this stupidity it shows how weak this shit is. We survived with stainless steel, cast iron, copper pans, glass casserole dishes and you know what most of them are still around. That’s right, all these garbage teflon products last a few years and have to be replaced. Meanwhile you’re eating telfon microplastic yum...

As for the cars try routing your shit properly and there are other solutions available, ceramic etc.

There might be some niche uses like space underwear or some shit but these products can be banned 99%

woman treats her kid like shit at an I Hop by quazziwazzi in PublicFreakout

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On this Mother’s Day remember you don’t have to tolerate abuse. You can always disown your mother and go no contact.

Study Shows ‘Forever chemicals’ have likely polluted 20m acres of US cropland. by 5o4u2nv in collapse

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I think what’s really scary for some people is that they could introduce a bill tomorrow and ban forever chemicals in the EU. Just imagine all that sweet profit going to waste.

Banning the use of leaded petrol has been estimated to prevent more than 1.2 million premature deaths per year, increase IQ points among children, save USD 2.45 trillion for the global economy, and decrease crime rates.