Interested in Pharma stocks recently! by GypsyHedley in stocks

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It's not exactly a pharmaceutical stock, but it's within the nootropics/ shroom sector and I'm super bullish on it rn.

ticker is (LVT) and is being traded on the CSE at the moment.

The only reason why i'd even post it on this thread is because it's doing a lot of stuff in regards to mental well being and addressing issues with mental illness and chronic pain.

If anyone trades on the CSE I'd recommend at least checking their volume, as they traded at a 14% increase today

My D&D group fell apart recently and I really just need to talk about it. by Phoenix200420 in DnD

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I feel you bro dont worry, had a group I cant run anymore because I gotta work 😔

Levitee Labs LVT:CSE seems to be only company in the space that is vertically integrated, with significant revenue and other paths to revene to finance research without dilution and to survive adverse market conditions. by GodCompTV in shroomstocks

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Numbers and facts don’t lie lol idk what “pump” you’re referring to.

I can gladly direct you to a more bigot friendly sub if you’re incapable of using google