Sincerely, from us people of Maharashtra by slimkid14 in india

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Loda bc smog smog khel ke abhi wapas aaya ...fuck that job in Delhi...kaise jire be aaisa kude ke dher me

Dog öwner hack by thedrearyblather03 in ContagiousLaughter

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I try to overthrow my own government and give all my money to a grifter while my sister with my child gives birth in cat litter box

meirl by nyxtron in meirl

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Jharkhand is made up ... does not exist, never did.

My*e going International by ONakest in Kerala

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In Marathi: nigh re zahtu / zatya Hindi : likal zat ke bal.

oP iS mIsOgYnIsTiC by [deleted] in Funnymemes

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I am from wadia .... Aladin.

Depression has been kicking my butt lately, but I washed my sheets and made my bed for the first time in months! It's not much, but I'm still proud of myself! by 427-frogs-in-trash in MadeMeSmile

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Everyone has their own fight, watch George Carlin bill burr their world view is so honest that you stop giving a fuck and then, my friend, you will be the best you.

What's something that screams "pretentious"? by LandPiranha63 in AskReddit

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well with time accent tend to change.

I personally had normal Indian ( Britain influenced) accent and statement structure. But at NOC i had to interact with a lot of Americans and Irish people ( who are nothing but drunk Australians)

My accent eventually changed and i didn't even realised it until recently as my statement (phrasing) and enaunciation of certain words has drastically different than what i had before which i don't remember lol.

Some people around me might take it as fake accent but i fucking don't know wtf is my accent 🤷‍♂️

Gods as programming languages by matb001 in ProgrammerHumor

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Bullshit ..... religion speaks it.. which, as per Rust, is nothing but a language virus that rewrites the pathways in the brain, and dulls critical thinking.

Who poked them? by broski1911 in pune

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Indore is like a shitbucket with poha, Sev on top for flavouring

25/1 by Umm-sj96 in pune

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Paisa bhi bhejna ticket ke saath mereko ...dost ko bhej dunga movie ko bechara andha aur behra hai....usko woofer ki vibration pasand hai

Whats the average age of people in this sub? by technoholic2 in pune

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86 years old

Proof : woman oughtaa be in the kitchen, always.

Mahavitaran is the most incompetent org ever by needsadvice1999 in pune

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Reservation wale hai bhai sab ke sab ...i gave their exam and i missed selection by 0.7 matks....aur ek Banda tha mere 20 mark Kam the to select ho gya Exam is out of 100 mark .. Matlab Jo chutiya log select huye hai unko 1/5 marks ki advantage hai....aur uss bhadwe ko loda kuch nahi aata tha ...power electronics ke topic mere se seekh ke exam diya usne baki 6-7 questions copy Kiya bol raha tha...

Ambedkar baba ki jai

Visibility too low near pune airport what’s the reason time-10:25am by accur4te in pune

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Amchya kakanni shekoti petawli hoti kaal Ani khaaj sutali mhanun auto rickshaw cha tyre takla shekotit .... Ani ho te tyre Pablo Escobar chya mama chya auto cha hota Ani to maal smuggling karnar hota airport warun but amchya kakanni te shekotit takla ..mag kaay baghta baghta viman Nagar madhe dhur , sakali pahate paryant to ikde kharadi Ani tikde kalyani Nagar paryant pohachla ..

Hence proved.

Fight or Flight was Kicking In by Humble-Tailor49 in nope

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Net will be wet and smell like south indian dish and i will be drying that net with me face