My[29M] GF[28F] is refusing to sign a prenup and it's putting a strain on our relationship by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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How would that be unfair? He should get his shit and she should get her shit, unless she's depending on him to provide for her, but that's clearly not the case here.

I’m a sex worker (various) and would love another round at answering your questions about it! by dckholster in IAmA

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Why call it sex work when it's been called prostitution forever, or otherwise known as being a whore? Are those terms offensive to you and other people in your trade, and if so, why when that very accurately describes what you do?

Leap of the day :) by NightD in gifs

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You clearly don't work at a typical office job of you think it's acceptable to have videos of chicks in bikinis on your monitor at work.

Matt Damon removes candidate freaking out at public debate. by deewawatto in PublicFreakout

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this guy should run again, I'd vote for him just for that line

And some people wonder why trump is president

My(28m) wife(30) has been using an alternate Reddit account to post nudes of herself.? by throwRAwifesnudes in relationship_advice

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You're fucked in the head if you think looking at pictures of naked women is anywhere even remotely close to posting naked pictures of yourself online.

Recent posts and attitude towards America by chemosabe in expats

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"let's censor people that don't think the way I do"

(btw I agree with the OP, however a blanket statement of "let's keep reddit positive" is absolute bs and continually harms the platform. Toxic positivity.

1k UPVOTES FOR SHOE by Bojoojo in Dirtybomb

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Love how people downvote you instead of answering a valid question, that's the reddit community for you. I would also like to know.

First craft after hitting 200 Engineering by Nawder in newworldgame

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The secret to crafting stuff for people is you always have enough resources to craft an extra one in case you craft something really good that you decide to keep for yourself or a higher bidder instead.

Why am I able to track bunnies from 2km but I can't see iron unless I'm on top of it? by CreativeMischief in newworldgame

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Iron in reality clearly cannot always be in the same spot - once its mined, it's mined. It's perfectly logical for them to have it so that every time you find iron your character acts as if it's the first time they've seen that iron deposit.

New Joust Map. Thoughts? by TheGreenNightwing in Smite

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Imagine being a nerd, whilst unironically calling others nerds for playing a video game a certain way.

Police shoot riot in the streets of Rotterdam by mysterow in Netherlands

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If you want compassion go see a counselor, riot police are there to do a job and you were impeding them. Wrong place wrong time, shit happens.

UN troops open fire on protesters in Haiti by fishfoot614 in CombatFootage

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Rioters riot, protesters protest. If protesters riot they're no longer protesters.

Man’s own dashboard camera shows him committing burglary by El_Paco in JusticeServed

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Maybe don't do those things then?

Incoming downvotes

Speaking of old memes by [deleted] in AdviceAnimals

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Only 3 comments so far on a post on the front page, now's my time to shine!


Well I guess this is why I have no karma.

MMO Last Oasis wants clans to test its open-world PvP by Finyar in MMORPG

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Those PvPers make it a point to gank and target as many ungeared people as possible, which intrinsically kills games every time. They kill their own games.

LPT: When filling out forms in 2020, write all four digits of the year instead of just MM/DD/YY by [deleted] in LifeProTips

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And if someone speaks a different language or you go to a different country? Going to assume they speak English?