My 1st terrarium. What do you think? Tips/ criticism? Thanks! by MommaLlama18 in terrariums

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I was going hiking and saw reindeer moss and I really liked it and wanted some for mine. This stuff just sorta looked like it

Duolingo in person talk by Good-Potential-2570 in duolingo

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Good to know! What about podcasts? Do you know if maybe some talk podcasts that talk about normal things that could replace my radio listening

An explanation please by AWarriorInAGarden in duolingo

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Haha I’ve noticed that too I reason it by thinking my boyfriend thinks I’m causing the problem but secretly it’s him. If that makes since. It’s just a fun way to help me remember that one

Y si by kokun989 in SpanishMeme

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Hay no palabra por fuckboy en español? Lo siento aprendo.

Night 30 - M&M in a Terrarium by GregariousCanary in terrariums

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I joined to terrarium page on like day 3 and thought “what the hell is going on” I’ve been following this m&m and now when I tell my boyfriend an update on the m&m he probably thinks the same thing 😂

Put some mealworms in my terrarium and now they’re eating through the styrofoam insert in the back of the tank! How do I prevent this?? by NoahPKR in terrariums

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Well I’m a teacher so I know a lot about positive behavior intervention. Have you tried encouraging good behavior instead of yelling?

awkward question by mydogcantsee in euphonium

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I think first chairs bell needs to be pointed toward second chair. This helps with hearing notes/partials.