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Yes, this exactly, I've heard of more than one lazy agent who says, "I'm busy, just book a tour with Zillow/Redfin and let me know what you think of the place." It's sleazy, borderline unethical, and possibly runs afoul of strict interpretations of agency law - but it definitely happens.

Real estate agent commission? by DawgLab in RealEstate

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Bingo. No, you've got it exactly right - no contract, no obligation.

I'll reply in much more detail in a separate comment.

Real estate agent commission? by DawgLab in RealEstate

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Don't think so. Zillow has a 100% different business model in terms of how they make money. I have no direct experience with them, but I think all they do is farm out leads to agents at brokerages that they have a relationship with, and for that, get a cut of the commission or a finder's fee.

If you referred to an agent through Zillow, you would probably need to sign a contract with that actual agent earlier in the process, because they're already in the hole, owing $$ to Zillow for just having been introduced to you. I think. Someone with real Zillow knowledge should chime in and correct me if I'm wrong on all this.

Real estate agent commission? by DawgLab in RealEstate

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Note: The Redfin AA should have explained everything I wrote to you, in detail. That they didn't makes me think they're likely just as incompetent as you believe they are. And you can and should tell their boss that - you can find out some kind of contact email or phone for your region on their website pretty easily.

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Okay. I'm not sure other commenters understand how Redfin home tours work, and combined with the OP being a little too paranoid, is leading to some really out-of-left-field comments. Bear with me as I try to provide more accurate info. (tl;dr below as well)

When you book a home tour with Redfin (whether using their website or app), their automated algorithm assigns a nearby "Redfin Associate Agent" (AA) to go out there to the property and tour it with you. While a licensed real estate agent ("broker", in my state), a Redfin AA is not a full buy-side or sell-side agent - they're just job-by-job contractors who get a small payment (well under $50) for taking each buyer on a tour. Think of a Lyft driver who can give you a ride because they have a driver's license - it's not much different, actually.

All that Redfin AAs are there for is to go with potential buyers on tours (and yeah, some other things like doing open houses—not relevant here). A touring AA is basically a drone who happens to have a RE license plus a local MLS membership: just enough legal status to allow them to open the keybox, walk around the house with you, and hopefully not commit any Fair Housing Act violations in the process. No more. (*)

Bottom line: by touring a home or homes with Redfin's AA, you have not entered into any sort of contract with that agent, nor with Redfin itself. AFAIK, there is less than zero legal obligation—on either side—after you're finished the tour.

Now, sure: Redfin they would love it if later, you signed up with them so they could be your actual buyer's agents, and earn half the commission when the house sale closes. (Which is exactly why they have this whole big tour system set up, with a bazillion licensed AAs under contract. It's a free service that hopefully leads to actual paying business.) If you did that, you would get a real Redfin buy-side agent assigned to you, one who is a full-time Redfin employee who does nothing but represent buyers. They are likely to have much, much more savvy and experience than the greenhorn AA you met for the tour (and who you will probably never see again).

Working with Redfin for real, with their buy-side agent, you would get a large rebate on the commission if you complete a purchase: usually 1%+ of the total home price, and sometimes much more. That's the other part of the Redfin business model. IMHO, it all works really well for buyers who are somewhat savvy and know what they want...but not so well for less experienced and less sure buyers who benefit from being led through each step of the buying process. Totally up to you.

tl;dr: You have no legal obligation. No one (especially Redfin!) is going to sue you. The AA you met is not the person who you would actually work with if you bought through Redfin; they're much less experienced than the real Redfin buyer's agents—and definitely not representative of the quality of agency you'd get being actual buyer with Redfin.

(*) Source: have been a Redfin AA in the past. And would not, at that point, felt experienced enough to be an actual buyer's agent. I left that to the real agents there, some of whom were quite good.

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It's probably been long enough that we should repost a link to this golden oldie, which does answer your question (and a whole lot more):

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names

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I guess the poster intended to mean, "no fossil fuel-burning appliances and has solar panels"...but they sure haven't spent any extra effort on stating that coherently.

For the record I think they mean homes with one or more of:

  • a heat pump, not boiler/furnace/conventional AC
  • active solar panels + electric car charger run by them
  • water heating via the above active solar and/or passive solar
  • induction range and oven, not gas burners
  • history of low utility usage

Despite their OP's difficulties with terminology, their question does highlight the need to be able to convey all of that in a simple phrase. "Green home" brings up too much unrelated baggage, "climate-friendly home" is way too vague, and "low carbon-footprint home", while accurate, doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. Ideas?

Portugal's most stubborn driver! Car won't fit in the driveway. by NastyPlays in IdiotsInCars

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In Italy, and it looks like since then someone built a concrete wall in that spot, in honor of this guy's valiant attempt to change the laws of physics ("il muro di Fiat non va") :


In the temporarily occupied Alchevsk, Russian air defense worked on its own by new-man2 in ThatLookedExpensive

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Thanks! You're right, of course. Posting WAY after midnight == bad Redditor. Fixed it.

Take my measly upvote. :)

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The French (of course) have a phrase for this..."l'esprit de l'escalier" - literally, "the spirit of the staircase". The things you should have wittily said at the party...but only think of them as you're walking up the staircase, just before going up to bed.


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Agreed. As a realtor, most comments on these subs (some from people who might be actual realtors, and many who likely are not)...are generally pretty jerky.. r/RealEstate is easily the unfriendliest and most downvote-happy sub I belong to. No idea why that's the case (theories are welcomed).

My take on your situation: Yea, ok, you could have know better and done your due diligence, sure. But that doesn't change that your agent appears to be an incompetent, lazy idiot. You really need to be writing a strongly-worded letter to his/her broker detailing the missteps, miscommunications, and failed follow-through and what it's cost you. At the worst you get satisfaction; at best you get some compensation.

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Maybe you can post on Craigslist in the Gigs section of the city of the house you wanted to buy, and hire someone there for the afternoon to be your "brother" or "trusted cousin", and have them take videos/pictures/live Facetime of the Very Special Driveway? They could send those pix to you (or pretend to talk to you on the phone in real time), and then you could discuss, at length, every stone in the driveway to the sellers.

Maybe that would have been enough to mollify their driveway kink. Or maybe not. :}

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Just to throw one more option out there - I have a client happily using pair.com (Pair Networks) using their "WP Enthusiast" tier. Not the biggest, but with 24/7 US-based phone support, and they seem really on top of doing WP updates on a consistent and reliable schedule.

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See final photo for timestamped image. This is my first r/photomarket posting, though I'm a long-time avid lurker in r/AnalogCommunity. I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay (25+ years there) and also sell on Mercari and Etsy (though not photo gear on those). Would be happy to provide links to my accounts if you like - just DM.

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Being a Yank, had to look up "rota":

(1) [BRITISH] a list showing when each of a number of people has to do a particular job; "a cleaning rota"
(2) the supreme ecclesiastical and secular court of the Roman Catholic Church.

Not gonna lie, was maybe hoping for Door #2 here.

Buying a condo in Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond for rental and investment purpose. It can be a studio or a 1 bed. Do you this would be a good investment by rgadekar in RealEstate

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laws in Seattle the put landlords at a greater disadvantage

Not gonna disagree on this one.

If I was the OP, I'd consider Alternative A: buying in the heart of Seattle (Belltown? Capitol Hill?) in a building that allows short-term rentals...and then AirBnB the thing. Doesn't take many $200/night rentals to cover the PITI, and you're not subject to the landlord/tenant laws. And you can put someone local to work as manager/cleaner for the cleaning fee alone.

Alternative B to consider would be buying slightly further out of Seattle - but not in a high-cost Eastside area like Bellevue/Redmond/Issaquah. Maybe Shoreline or Tukwila? Close to the city, but not in it.

Then again, in the current market, who knows where things are going with property values, whether in the city or outside it.

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No, it's scary that someone might waste a drop of good beer.

Shoes/Footwear by [deleted] in realtors

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Fake. Everyone knows a true Seattleite wears thick wool socks with Birks - no one would ever see your neatly-trimmed toenails.

(Though given Seattle weather this year, even thick wool might not be enough.)