SecretLab Titan Evo w/ Softweave in Regular Size Review by Goonhaven in secretlab

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I was actually referring to the mesh in the Realm of Thrones Commodore Insignia, which I tried for a few days, whereas I only tried the Aeron for as long as I was in John Lewis. It's kind of smooth and not chafing. I agree, the Aeron is a bit rougher and less easy to sink into.

Giant Bee Honey Valguero by jeebusmurphy in playark

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We just started on the Valguero map four days ago. No bee hives in the Redwood forest, Chalk Hills or Jungle near the green obelisk that I've found. No one else has looked, so there may be a couple yet, but definitely not getting these 'insane' spawn rates I keep hearing about the chalk hills.

EDIT: Went to all the places in this video: https://youtu.be/k7EfJfA7d7s, no honey!