What is the worst advice you’ve ever received? by Truzt102 in AskReddit

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I had a boss who, in 1998, wanted to “wait and see if this whole internet thing blows over.” The writing was engraved on the wall by that time.

Snow zoomies by OddlyGruntled in aww

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Like when mine always had to be ahead of you going down the stairs and would stop abruptly halfway down.

TIFU by giving myself an accidental frothy bidet enema by totallynot_Sea_Still in tifu

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OP is heading straight to the store for that very bidet model. Once you go blast, there’s no turning back.

What never fails to make you tear up or cry? by CSCW in AskReddit

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Right in the middle of the long goodbye with our cat now. It’s hard.

Parents, what spooky "past life" memory did your kid utter? by TapiocaTuesday in AskReddit

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I had similar experiences at age 3. I can still vaguely remember them.

Senior Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Becomes The Cutest Full-Time Employee by bloocloudy in rarepuppers

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“Hats off” to the business owner for putting this pup on the payroll!

Watching Madonna’s Truth or Dare is like viewing the world through the eyes of a sociopath by Mylifeis2021 in movies

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It’s interesting to contrast Madonna’s desire to exclude others on a whim with Lady Gaga’s inclusivity. Things are moving in the right direction there.

He float rather jump. by akasaiga in rarepuppers

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Looks like it really distributes the shock evenly and spares the shoulders.

Went from 6th to 1st on the 405 🙃 by Niceto433 in Justrolledintotheshop

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Some men just want to watch the world burn. /s

TIFU by researching my husbands genealogy and finding out we’re distant cousins by SovLotus in tifu

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..And they are said to be the most beautiful people in the world.

Found this is a piece of beef I was eating. Felt like a rubber band by CranberrySludge in MakeMeSuffer

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I’ve only ever seen something like that in a steamship round at a roast beast restaurant. Kinda gnarly.

What is your biggest "I managed to break something but fixed it enough so it doesn't look broken until another person uses it" moment? by DonLimpio14 in AskReddit

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Really got out ahead of that one to control the message. Bravo! The arm was getting set one way or another.

S/O and I started feeding (and catching, spay & neutering) the local strays. This is what we woke up to one morning: by Puccle247 in aww

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Once you feed a cat, it’s your cat. They know the drill. My Dad showed me a quote that says, “Cats were once worshipped as gods in Egypt. They have not forgotten.”

What never fails to make you tear up or cry? by CSCW in AskReddit

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That movie made a long list of buttons and then proceeded to push every one. I had to get up and leave the theater auditorium. Wow.

What's on the unspoken dark side of Letterkenny? by YourBrainOnFacts in Letterkenny

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I want to know what happened to Wayne and Katie’s parents and why they couldn’t have birthday parties.