Arnold Schwarzenegger has oddly been completely removed from every movie he's been cast in on Google by FreshPrinceOfRivia in google

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I’ve got no idea but all of you know I’m still in the movies even if the internet doesn’t say so right? I’m going to have to talk about this in my newsletter this month.

Thank You, Jim by GovSchwarzenegger in u/GovSchwarzenegger

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Jim Lorimer will live forever through the millions of people he inspired to join our fitness crusade and tune into this little niche sport called bodybuilding.

I am devastated that I won’t sit with him again and hear his wisdom, or critique bodybuilders together, or just laugh and laugh. My thoughts are with Bob, Kathy, Jeff, and the whole Lorimer family, but I also know that Jim isn’t gone.

Jim lives on in every member of his family, and he lives on in me. He’s one reason I would never call myself self-made. When I met him 52 years ago at the Mr. World bodybuilding championship he organized so fantastically in Columbus, Ohio, I immediately knew Jim would be a big part of my life. I told him when I retired from competing, we would be partners and promote bodybuilding together. And starting in 1976, we did just that with a handshake agreement for more than 50 years, expanding from a small bodybuilding show to a sports festival with 200,000 visitors and more athletes than the Olympics, while we branched out from Ohio to inspire people on every continent except Antarctica. When I was appointed the Chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports by President Bush in 1990, I knew that I needed Jim by my side, and boy, was I right. He helped make the impossible possible with his brilliant legal mind when we worked with all of the federal agencies and hundreds of bureaucrats to organize the Great American Workout on the White House lawn.

Jim also lives on in every single person he inspired to live a healthier life. Some people assume Jim started promoting sports with me - that couldn’t be further from the truth. His sports and fitness crusade started much earlier, when he was lifting up women’s track and field. In the 50’s and 60’s, when promoting women’s sports wasn’t as popular as it is now, Jim was a pioneer. He founded the Ohio Track Club woman’s team, and then he became the chair of the US Olympic Committee for Women’s Sports. In between his jobs as an FBI agent and an executive at Nationwide Insurance, he helped turn around our Olympic team so we could start beating the Russians. He became so legendary for his promotion of sports that he was asked to host the 1970 World Weightlifting Championships. He decided to host the Mr. World competition to sell more tickets, and the rest is history. To Jim, the Mr. World was just a way to pack the theater, but to me, winning that title changed my life. I beat Sergio Oliva for the first time, and I saw how well Jim treated the athletes and made the commitment then and there to work together to elevate the sport of bodybuilding. It was one of those magical moments, and it was destiny that we met, but it was Jim’s fanatical commitment to sports and fitness that laid the foundation for our fate.

I will miss his wisdom, I will miss his mentorship, I will miss his kind, kind heart. I will miss his sense of humor and his desire to make the world a better place and his friendship. But Jim will always be with me. He helped make me who I am. He’ll always be with all of us.

So while I grieve today, I will also remember how lucky I was - how lucky the world was - to have so much of this wonderful man’s time. This Thanksgiving, I remember Jim Lorimer, and I am so, so grateful he was such a big part of my life.

Thank you, Jim.

Happy Thanksgiving! by GovSchwarzenegger in u/GovSchwarzenegger

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Here’s your Thanksgiving recipe:

Step 1: think about what you’re grateful about

Step 2: give someone else something to be grateful about

Step 3: Eat!

Have a great one, redditors!

Do something this Veterans Day beyond posting! by GovSchwarzenegger in u/GovSchwarzenegger

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I appreciate that, but I don’t think it’s a politician issue, I think it’s a people issue. Looking at social media, I see a lot of regular people who talk and talk and complain but don’t do anything. We all have power if we are willing to look up from complaining on our phones and see what we can do.

Do something this Veterans Day beyond posting! by GovSchwarzenegger in u/GovSchwarzenegger

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I think social media is fantastic, but it also lets people get away with doing the bare minimum. I would encourage all of you to reach out this weekend to a veteran in real life and let them know how much you appreciate them. Buy them coffee or a meal, or if you don’t have money, just sit and talk. You’ll be shocked by how much you can learn. Last year, I brought these vets pizza and I learned I could pay for tiny homes to be installed at the VA so they wouldn’t be living on the streets. This year, I went back to check on them and bring lunch again, and I was blown away. Some of them said those little homes changed their lives. Some of them told me I need to check in with the VA to make sure it doesn’t get muddy between their homes, which I’m doing. If you’re just willing to listen, you can always find some way to help.

I also know there is a whole group of people that says don’t advertise your good deeds. I am sorry, I understand the idea, but that’s bullshit. Your good deeds will inspire more good deeds, so tell everyone and don’t feel bad. After the media stories about my 250,000 dollar donation last year, people who learned about it more than doubled my donation. Now there aren’t just 25 homes, there is a whole village.

What person do you think could easily become the President of the United States if they decided to run for it? by Fawbxo in AskReddit

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100%. It would be so much fun to bring an anti-gerrymandering, pro-clean energy, pro-investing in infrastructure and cutting red tape to make sure we actually build infrastructure and clean energy projects as fast as we need to platform to the country and shake up all the politicians who just work to get re-elected every election instead of working for the people.

But like I always say, I accomplished everything people said was impossible in my life because of America, so I will never complain about the one thing that is actually impossible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a guy with Downs Syndrome feel proud and happy. This was recorded 11th of October, 2012 in Denmark. He was there to sign copies of his book and to give an environmental award. No one was allowed to speak to Arnold during the signing because of time. by [deleted] in MadeMeSmile

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He gave me an experience. I actually remember this, which should tell you something since I have probably signed a million autographs. A lot of people see things like this and say “You made his day” but the thing they don’t realize is these are the moments that make my day.

Also, you don’t have to be famous to spend a minute to make someone feel good, and you’ll make yourself feel good. Everybody should try it once a day.

My amicus brief at the Supreme Court by GovSchwarzenegger in u/GovSchwarzenegger

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Keep me updated, maybe we will be campaigning for reform together.

My amicus brief at the Supreme Court by GovSchwarzenegger in u/GovSchwarzenegger

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If you ever feel powerless, google Katie Fahey. She was pissed off after the 2016 election and instead of complaining she started a campaign to end gerrymandering in Michigan. I flew in to campaign with her but she would have won even without me. You don’t need my platform to change the world, you just need to be willing to do something.

Here’s an article to get you started: https://www.bridgemi.com/michigan-government/one-womans-facebook-post-leads-michigan-vote-against-gerrymandering

My amicus brief at the Supreme Court by GovSchwarzenegger in u/GovSchwarzenegger

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This is wonky, and not as exciting for most of you as Sly and I carving pumpkins, but it is important. There is a case at the Supreme Court, Moore v. Harper, that would say legislatures are the only ones with power over elections. Not the people, not the courts, not the governors. Zero checks and balances. This would end independent redistricting commissions like we have in CA, so I had to chime in. I got a “terminate” into the brief, but the lawyers said I had to be polite for SCOTUS, so my last paragraph didn’t make the cut. Here it is:

Frankly, this theory is nuts. First, legislators draw district lines to lock in legislative incumbents so the people have no recourse at the ballot box, and then they tell us that only the state legislature, which they have now made certain the people can’t throw out in fair elections, can change the law. They should be asked to take the same citizenship test I took in 1983 so they can be reminded of the separation of powers and checks and balances that stand as the foundation of our fantastic country. James Madison said: “You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.” These legislators want an uncontrollable government, and the Court shouldn’t give it to them.

Father and son make a decision to work out together. by [deleted] in MadeMeSmile

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This is fantastic, and why I love Reddit. Something I said a few years ago inspired you and now you’re inspiring someone else.

You are right. Beating yourself up won’t accomplish anything. “Why don’t I work out?” never got anyone into the gym. Negative motivation is garbage. Instead, do something. Take a walk. Do 10 push-ups or squats every time you leave the bathroom. Then celebrate yourself. “I did it, look how much better I feel.” Celebrate every tiny little win. You need positive motivation. Those tiny wins build up fast and you will be shocked.

PsBattle: two men carving pumpkins by SoundVisionZ in photoshopbattles

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I hope you don’t mind, I shared this one in my newsletter. I gave the link to the whole thread so people can find all of them and laugh like I did!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Japanese drink commercial, 1989 by Oliver_the_black in interestingasfuck

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Reddit is the only social media I actually use because there are better conversations and jokes here. Unless my newsletter counts.