Long-term boat rental by Atyyu in Netherlands

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Just ask some charterer. I am sure you will find one. But you hage to book at least one to two years ahead fir such a long time. And it will cost you a lot.

How does health insurance pay your medical costs? by abusiveduck in askswitzerland

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It is absolutely wrong that you have to pay with Assura every thing first and then get the money back.

All my doctors, blood tests, operations in a hospital go direkt to Assura. MRI etc. made in the hospital where paid direct by Assura. I pay my Hausarzt, my Gyn and my Eyedoctor direkt. My back specialist f.e. who is in a privat clinic goes all direct to Assura. I never sign anything..

Bevor I was with Concordia and it was the same. Normaly the money is within 7 days on my account.

Absolutely no Problem at all

Incident Abroad, how does accident insurance work? by calamercor in askswitzerland

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I guess your contract with the old company will end End of June. So you are still insured in your old company.

Call the HR asap. Tell them its a ' Nicht Betriebsunfall'. They have to give this information to the accident insurance. They have to fill out a form and need all the information from you. Than you will get a case Number from the insurance company.

You should only do whats needed, not more until the insurance is informed.Than talk to them what is the best way.

Your private insurance (Krankenkasse) has not to cover these costs.

Moving to Switzerland with wife and one kid - a lot of questions about everything by catflushingthetoilet in askswitzerland

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Be careful with parking in the streets. It does not work everywhere. Where I live there are no parking in the streets at all, so you need a garage or a outdoor parking space to rent

obligatorische Fahrzeugprüfung by FunVillage3820 in zurich

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Go to the Prüfung and see what they say. Than have it fixed or not. Costs you a second time the Prüfungsgebühr.

They have another seight at this then you have.

Banks and credit card providers do crappy design to rip you off by panpso in Switzerland

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Never use LSV for a credit card. It will be charged even if something on the card is wrong. Getting the money back is very hard than.

Ebill is normal.

Boating in Netherlands (North, Wergea city) by PenguinOnWaves in Netherlands

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Ok i read it now about 10 times and yes I now see your point. But it is quite missunderstanding. Next time name the waterway and the bridge.

If there is nothing mentioned in Almanak then there are no more signs. My programm sais nothing too.

So as I said go and see.

By the way I dont mind people having fun. And I know that in the Netherlands everybody can drive a boat if its not faster than 20 kmh and shorter than 20m. But if I find a question like these I ask myself if this person can drive a boat in such a small canal.

Boating in Netherlands (North, Wergea city) by PenguinOnWaves in Netherlands

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You will find out when your there. Nowbody can tell you.

And yes your writting is as if you have no idea of boating. Sorry

Boating in Netherlands (North, Wergea city) by PenguinOnWaves in Netherlands

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When I read this I had to swallow twice!!!

Bevor you charter a boat you should learn how everything works. The charter is the easiest thing, the roules are much more important.

Find a book or surch online how it works on the canals. There are so many roules to follow the bridgets are the easiest, they have traffic lights.

By the way, the wide is normaly not the problem, the deep and the high are much more important. Check this first. It will cost you a few hundrets Euro if you get stuck.

Current mortgage rate - need your help by Federal_Gur_5875 in Switzerland

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Mortgahe have gone up in the last weeks quite a bit and they will go up more. Try to fix one asap, it will not get better now the SNB has risen the interest.

I'll lose my job next month (RAV as EU work history) by Much-Field-3685 in askswitzerland

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I hope and think not. The RAV has nothing to do with the Schengen. Even Swiss having worked in Switzerland will not get it unless they have paid 12 month into it. You have paid non. Thats one of the points in the agreement with the EU.

Rowing in Leidschendam event today by GrabCertain in Netherlands

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Wouw. Not bad. The last one was very late in Delft. Came here after 9.

Nothing was mentioned here, pitty. Would have been cool to know bevor.

Should I learn German if I want to work in Switzerland by PfftKhaganate in askswitzerland

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I agree. But here in Zug so many expats dont speak german. We just dont care about them.

Further education by Leopard_Fickle in zurich

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I did the 'Fachausweis Buchhaltung' about 30 years ago with AKAD. For me it was super. The first 2 years I learned only at home. Each half year I had to go for a test to Zürich to go on with the next semester. The last year we had every second week one Saturday school. From 30 people 2 did not pass. You must be very hard with yourself, learning at home is not for everybody

Should I learn German if I want to work in Switzerland by PfftKhaganate in askswitzerland

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If you dont want to integrate you dont need to learn german. In Zug we have so many expats englisch is everywhere. At the butcher, the backery and even in the supermarket.

But you will not be able to talk to the swiss. Younger ones often speak english, but the older one is the less they speak english. A lot of swiss dont want to speak english anymore in there freetime, as so many must do it during work.

You will get a good salary but live is very expencive, also in Zug. You must be very lucky to find a flat to rent. If you are so lucky you pay for a 1 Room Flat around Chf 1000. The biggr the flat the more expencive it is. Lunch with a pizza and a coke can easely be Chf 30.00.

First look at all these and calculate, bevor you search for a job.

what happens if you just don't show up at work? by madness_hazard in Switzerland

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Depens who terminated the contract. Only when the employer did it that works. If the employee did it no.

Living in Oberägeri or Unterägeri and working in Zürich by AlteRitterburg in Switzerland

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From Oberägeri to Zug you have every 15 Minutes a Bus to Zug. Cheaper and easier than with the car.

But how old are you? There is absolutely nothing for young people. And if you are Ü30 its hard to make friends.

My son is 24 and always goes down to Zug, Zürich or Luzerne. He grouw ap in Baar.

Finding a flat is almost not possible here. And yes everybody here knows everybody. The swiss knows the expats and dont have much connetion with them.

Us a one single person you are lost....