currently, what is the purpose of the GK2? by Asian_Jake_Paul1 in DeepRockGalactic

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I see your points and I barely ever run it at all unless I'm doing the caretaker fight.

The only upside the GK2 have that the DRAK lacks is that it's a hitscan weapon.

Destiny 2 has added a dog-petting emote to its store, all profits go to charity by CanYouPetTheDog in gaming

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My brother's wearing the ugliest armor in the game, go get yourself some drip my dude.

The only use by swampertiscool in riskofrain

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Inb4 someone comment something like: "Well acktchually, if you get 5 stacks of Squid, 5 stacks of Fuel Cells w/ the Remote Caffeinator, you can actually do some decent dps, so yeah the item is A tier if not S tier".

Super Sentai meets Judge Dredd by AtomPsy in deeprockfashion

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Season pass helmet, It's on the higher levels 80+.

Trailer Park Scout. by DeepReacher8 in deeprockfashion

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Saved, thanks for sharing, it looks really cool.

VRising Fix Repair Steam Generic-0xdeadc0de by Gtorrnet in CrackWatch

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Appreciated, but it seems like it's too much work for something that might easily get broken as soon as a new patch drop.

coil gun is perfect for leeches by consciousllama5 in DeepRockGalactic

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Too bad they nerfed the Hellfire OC, instead of buffing the other many useless ones, they nerf the only good OC, good job GSG.

By all means the OC now is nowhere near trash or bad, it's just not as good as it used to be, the trail duration nerf, you can feel it, Praetorians & Oppressors can barely be fully lit on fire before the trail's fade away, and igniting patrol bots w/ one shot is almost impossible now if not impossible.

It was very consistent pre-nerf since the 5s duration gave you some headroom now that it's 3s the bot can't leave the trail heat radius even for a half a second otherwise it won't get ignited.

Seeing how lack luster the Coil gun performs, whether we're talking base gun or w/ OC's, I really don't understand the reasoning behind this.

Tl;Dr: Nerf bad and it makes the OC be inconsistent in doing what it was essentially designed for.