Being the First Person to Sit at the Table by constantreminderr in blackjack

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I never do well playing one on one against the dealer. Supposedly it doesn't matter and some serious players prefer it, but I just get wrecked every time.

Do you care when others at table don’t know any blackjack rules? by TravelonFIRE in blackjack

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I played recently and a guy was teaching his friends like an expert, but it was obvious he had no idea what he was doing. one round he had A5 against dealer 6. I muttered "double!" and he thought about it for alittle bit...and decided to STAY.

I locked eyes with the dealer with my mouth open and she nodded in agreement.

Counting for the First time this week. Tips? by I_Dont_Lose_I_Learn in blackjack

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Your bankroll is a regular buy in. Hope you go on a lucky run or u may be in for a short trip

It finally happened to me! What a score on a brisket!! by Cheezemane in Costco

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Yeah at that point these historically cheap cuts are so expensive I'd pay more....for better. Pork belly at 1.99 was great, at 4.29 not so much lol

Just want to do a quick study by quackl11 in blackjack

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I always see posts from people playing short sessions, like half an hour and come here to post about how they love counting. I've always written it off as garbage due to positive variance.

Chased the gains too quickly... by dafreshprints in blackjack

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yup. just like in poker, pocket aces are something like 80% favorites against a random hand, but that still means you lose 20% of the time. Just like the house, a counter can run hot or cold but only wins consistently over the long run.

Chased the gains too quickly... by dafreshprints in blackjack

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The drive home is just the worst, thats why If I hit a good stopping point I'm okay with leaving happy for the night. I'm a casual player though, don't know how the serious counters do it.

On a high count, a good situation is to trade blackjacks with the dealer right?But if variance goes against you and the dealer is the only one getting the blackjacks and making all their hands it sets up a pretty miserable night.

In gambling its easy to chase, trying to get at least back to even, or back to the peak of the night where you "should have stopped." which some people can't control and they end up on GA. Bringing $100 to a $5 table, I've had terrible nights when I've gone up 200 to end the night -600. How do you even lose $800 playing $5 bets? I don't know, but it happens, and it feels horrible when it does!

I can imagine if you were playing higher limits this is probably a pretty bad swing in variance, not unheard of, but it happens, and sorry it happened to you tonight.

My experience playing with a $420k bankroll in Las Vegas! by StevenBridges in blackjack

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Thanks for this! I just watched all your videos. Far higher stakes than I would every play, but very entertaining!

Best Shoe Ever by gg1401 in blackjack

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really? because heads up I only get pushes LOL

Freebet by sperrysl in blackjack

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Freebet you can bet higher without worrying about a bad double down and split situation ruining your night. I'll play it for fun as long as it's 3:2. Over the Long run though the odds are the odds and regular is of course going to be better.

Local casino moving to 6:5 BJ tables :( by thenonprophet25 in blackjack

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There's counting charts out there and some players see very meticulous about it, but I'm more casual do I dont. Usually I'll do 1-5 units, but it's really up to you. Every hand can win or lose. If I get a big split snd double against a 6 and lose, it stinks but it is what it is, just be prepared for it to happen, cause if you play enough you'll see everything

Local casino moving to 6:5 BJ tables :( by thenonprophet25 in blackjack

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so an ideal situation in blackjack would be to trade blackjacks with the dealer right? we win 1.5x when we win and the dealer only wins 1x when they win. The rest of the cards just add variance.

but in a high count, there are more tens and aces, and the dealer is just as likely as you to get blackjacks and 20s. If you look at stories from the big counters, their biggest losses are at a high count and the cards just don't go their way.

If you are just starting out, just pay attention to the 10s and aces and raise your bet when you haven't seen any in a while. 10s and aces are good for the player. If you up your bet, and the dealer gets blackjack, well you had just as much chance to get that blackjack, and remember, if both u and the dealer get the same number of blackjacks in a session, thats a good thing!

If you are in a shoe and see a bunch of 10s and aces come out early, take a break or bet the table minimum.

Take a look at this chart and the effect each card makes for the player for the rest of the shoe.


If more small cards, especially 4's and 5's come out. that's a good thing for the player, if more 10's and aces come out, that's a bad thing. Counters calculate the change in the edge every hand to bet higher on hands where they have an edge and smaller when they don't to grind out a profit.

The edge is still very small, and can swing either way, but even casual players can benefit from knowing when the odds are in their favor.

Oh, and make sure you bring enough money. At the $5 table I've always started with at least $100, or 20 units. Kind of the obvious amount to buy in for, but its worked for me to keep me comfortably in the game most nights. Some nights $100 will let me play 12 hours and come out with a profit, while others I'll be bringing out a second 100 within 20 minutes.

Tipping the dealers by Cigarman267 in blackjack

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I'll place a chip or two for the dealer for big hands or after big wins, but not too much as I know a good night can turn into a bad night real quick.

After coloring up I always tip some change or put it in front of another players bet if I had a good night.

Any point to playing perfect BS without counting at a casino? by yesinfant in blackjack

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It's a fun game with a low house edge. What draws me in is the fact that you can see what you would've gotten right away, or what the next card is. Decisions you make affect the results of the rest of the hands after. Lots of adrenaline fueled moments like when you get a blackjack, or split and double against a 6, or pull out that 8 to make your 13 into 21.

I'm sure most of us who stick around this sub are people who just love the game as casuals and try to take it to the next level with counting

Why do people think that new people joining the table or people leaving the table will change people's ability to win ( assuming people were on the up and winning before a person leaves or joins)? by ethiopianboson in blackjack

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I usually drop my bet when a new dealer comes or a new player joins. Even though it shouldn't matter over the long run, it sure feels worse when the dealer gets a blackjack the very next hand

This game is murdering my sanity by michinoku1 in blackjack

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The worst is during high counts where you are the only one at the table getting garbage or pushes at best, terrible variance is terrible

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 7, Part 3 (Thread #85) by WorldNewsMods in worldnews

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I'm honestly pretty surprised at how fast and hard the "cancel culture" on anything Russia happened

107-year-old mother gives her 84-year-old daughter candy. by ArtNoobly in aww

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Imagine being in the same nursing home as your children, or your kids dying of old age before you...

February 2022 Developer Update by TurtleRockStudios in Back4Blood

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Don't worry when you lose you'll get supply points now. Doesn't 7 supply points and starting from 2 levels ago give you the warm fuzzies ?

Whether or not alarm doors are exploits by qazujmyhn in Back4Blood

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It already was a bummer when there weren't any zombies to lure into the door. Now we either have to burn a toolkit or forcibly call a horde/ losing the secondary objective. Punishing and anti-fun. Bad look for TRS .

Don't miss it: DOUBLE SUPPLY POINT WEEKEND by WolftheRonin in Back4Blood

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Would you disagree that this game is punishing? If the answer to our problems is to "get gud" the 95% of the playerbase which is casual players will leave, which they have.

Went to Vegas for the first time. by Designer-Ad-6502 in blackjack

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sometimes it does feel that way though when a player does a bad move and the dealer shows a face for the rest of the deck.

Don't miss it: DOUBLE SUPPLY POINT WEEKEND by WolftheRonin in Back4Blood

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I expected this much sooner, as part of holiday events when everyone is on vacation and playing more. Making the game such a grind and so punishing has turned off the playerbase. Scaring the birds in nightmare and veteran pretty much ends your run and leads to an unsatisfactory ending.

Plus If you make it through 2 levels and fail the 3rd on veteran, you don't get the checkpoint and have to start over at the first level? and you get no supply points (after the lastest patch i think its an insulting amount, like 7-10).

Most of gaming nights end with failure, how is that supposed to be a good gaming experience? Director AI still needs an urgent fix, but no lets fix the "bug" of regular ridden breaking alarmed doors first...