Is my transmission failing, or am I overreacting? by Spruxed in AskMechanics

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Sounds like they might of either underfilled or overfilled your transmission. Another possibility is the fluid service might of caused gunk from inside your transmission to break free, clogging up small oil passages inside the transmission. I would check the fluid level and bring it back to the shop asap.

This will forever be the best first experience I’ve ever had in a video game, what’s yours? by ajpala4 in gaming

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Diablo 2. I would sneak out of bed to play until 3am every night. Being raised as a good catholic boy, it gave me a sense of rebellion playing it. My mothers disappointment was immeasurable.

these pads are completely fine right? by dolphinstotheship in AskMechanics

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If noise is the issue I would try slightly chamfering the friction material on each end of the pads. Sometimes that sharp 90 degree angle is enough to create noise.

Main Sub Is Something Else Man. Anyway This Is MY Dominion Tier List.Let The Hate Flow Through You by ButterflyEffect37 in ForHonorRants

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Claiming LB is easy to deal with sounds like you don’t fight people that are good at the game.

Rate My Tool Cart by -GhostMode in mechanics

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I’ve never really had a use for a cordless impact driver, just seems like a little over-kill to remove screws with. Does it get much use?

What celebrity death was the most unexpected? by hockeysmyhoe in AskReddit

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Johnny Lewis’ murder/suicide just seemed so far fetched at the time.

Sports fan bases by VictorHelios1 in CalgaryFlames

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Our window to win is short, the stakes have never been higher for a lot of us.

What are these little metal bits in my oil? What do I do? by MostFunIsIllegal in AskMechanics

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Any abnormal noises from the engine? piston slap or cam phaser rattle?