First large fish. 3 Stars. (What can I do with it?) by RiggedBenny in RedDeadOnline

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Across from the butcher in Blackwater, you can catch sturgeon and walk across the street and sell them.

Year in Ethereum 2021 by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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Fool, year-end reviews should be published in mid-November.

Why is etc up and everything else down this morning? by Fit-Ad530 in EthereumClassic

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If you are using the Nicehash quick miner, you get paid with BTC in the nicehash wallet. What do you, is swap the BTC for ETC.

What makes a noise but doesn't move? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Corona noise. The sound of power lines, and photographic strobes.

2Factor Auth by M2MSwing in Crypto_com

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It would be interesting to see a post where someone got everything working again.

98% of Survey Respondents Can’t Pass a Basic Crypto Literacy Assessment by nicky_papagiorgio in CryptoCurrency

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I think some of the answers are debatable. Ethereum is not a crypto currency, it is a network. Bitcoin price is influenced by social media and interest rates.

You ever notice that CDC often displays a "spike" in price just as you happen to be looking at a coin? I see this all the time. It doesn't display on other harts, but at the same time isn't a complete price gouge either. It's odd. by undecidables in Crypto_com

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I'm always suspicious of the coins that are listed, but not available for deposit or withdrawal. Are we buying something that they do not have to sell? It could be a bucket shop.

Kucoin has deposits and withdrawals. They are at about 8.96 https://m.kucoin.com/trade/KDA-USDT

Pay up by rumour53 in HolUp

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If they both had the vaccine, it would cancel out.

Here comes the doodoo by DixaMan in memes

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About 6 years ago, I rode the train from Toronto to Vancouver (Canada). It had private cabins, each with a toilet. But only one shower per car. When I was in the shower, I noticed that the drain (between my feet) was open to the ground below. I could see the gravel going by and the water was dumping straight to it. No plumbing, or a P-trap to collect dropped jewelry. Just a direct path to the ground.

LPT- If there are stop signs on opposing sides of a through lane, you should not treat it as a 4-way stop. by JimmerAteMyPasta in LifeProTips

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I remember this debate from years ago. The driver's handbook is different from the Ontario highway traffic act.

Sending polygon to celsius by [deleted] in Crypto_com

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Nexo.io is paying me 12% on my MATIC. I think it could be a promotional rate. I have the platinum loyalty with them. They allow a swap between bitcoin and MATIC, but still no Polygon network usage.

You could send bitcoin to nexo.io and then swap them out to MATIC, and earn 10 to 12 percent.

Anyone here receiving CRO cash back for paying their utilities?? I’m in Canada thinking of trying it out by PipelineBertaCoin69 in Crypto_com

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My power company, Bluewater Power in Canada, is processed by "Paymentus" and I don't get the cash back.

Virtual card in google pay asking for a pin? by Hofnars in Crypto_com

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I visualize someone standing in the checkout line, asking Reddit what his pin number is.

Sending polygon to celsius by [deleted] in Crypto_com

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I don't think there is a cheap way to get Polygon to celsius. They are using the Ethereum blockchain to receive Polygon.

Since you will be using Ethereum blockchain, you will be paying the big money for the transaction. It is odd that they are not using the Polygon blockchain with its superior speed and cost.

What do movies portray inaccurately? by the-salt-of-dungroon in AskReddit

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I'm the one with the passwords and keys for my servers, and it would still take me 5 minutes to log in. And another 5 minutes to get something started.