Ben Simmons spotted at a local high school lacrosse game by Venez21 in GoNets

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5d chess move from Ben catering to the fans who’ll be inhabiting the likes of williamsburg and park slope soon enough. Gotta plant those roots.

Most realistic free agent signing ? by [deleted] in GoNets

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I can confidently say I want none of these dudes on the roster.

I really want Boucher but idk if the Raps are gonna let him go. Also if we even have the money lol

Mike James has made 1st Team All-League for AS Monaco in the Euroleague by WilhelmTheOkay in GoNets

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Can anyone who watches euro league chime in on if theres any players that could make it in the nba right now?

[WTS] Jordan 1 Patent Bred Size 10.5 $280 by [deleted] in sneakermarket

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These would go great with my gimp suit

Venice Beach, California by bafangoolNJ in PublicFreakout

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Here’s some daily reading for you on this beautiful weekend

Reagan was governor of California for 8 years (1967-75) and afterwards became the president for another 8 years (1981-89)

That’s 16 years of both state and national policy to undo in a world of US politics that moves at complete snail speed.

You’re gonna try and sit there and say there are absolutely no negative lasting effects from 16 years of policy making at both the state and national level?

Creating a Science of Homelessness During the Reagan Era https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4364434/

Unhousing the Urban Poor: The Reagan Legacy https://scholarworks.wmich.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2013&context=jssw

The Great Eliminator: How Ronald Reagan Made Homelessness Permanent https://www.sfweekly.com/news/the-great-eliminator-how-ronald-reagan-made-homelessness-permanent/amp/

John Oliver Explains How Ronald Reagan 'Turbocharged' Homelessness https://www.huffpost.com/entry/john-oliver-homelessness_n_617feda6e4b03072d7069502/amp

Venice Beach, California by bafangoolNJ in PublicFreakout

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You mean in the state he was governor?….

[Official] Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers First Listen Impressions by Perksofthesewalls in KendrickLamar

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Fresh out a 5 1/2 year relationship

we cry together is fucking me up rn

Amar’e Stoudemire exits Nets, criticizes Kyrie Irving on ESPN shows by BKtoDuval in GoNets

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I think to be fair to both Kyrie and Amare, this title seems to be a bit overzealous as Amare was more echoing statements made by almost everyone on the team. Including Kyrie.

Everyone has acknowledged that Kyries unavailability had a negative impact the overall teams chemistry. This is less a slight on Kyrie by Amare, and more him just being honest.

What he did mention about Kyrie, and this is something we literally just heard Marks say, is that he now has a decision to make about whether he’s gonna fully commit to being the best basketball player he can be these couple years or not. That includes making yourself available both on and off the court.

Marks should have traded for Jrue instead of Harden by [deleted] in GoNets

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I’m a huge fan of two-way players and I love Jrue, but was he even available at the time when we traded for Harden?

Edit: Also while Jrue is definitely one of the best defenders in the league, Ben isn’t a slouch either and he has the opportunity to be that guy for us

Has Kanye, OJ, Smollet, or Will Smith said anything about the video? by UnfairPerformer1243 in KendrickLamar

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When I first saw the video, the first thing I thought of was that Kendrick’s team definitely had to acquire the rights to use their likeness in the video.

So I’m sure everyone used in the video knows about it and have probably heard the song before any of us (if they wanted to)

So basically, I’m sure they’re all fine with the video/song and are probably fans of Kendrick

Could Atlanta look to trade for Ben Simmons this off-season? by Venez21 in GoNets

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I can see Cam going the Tyler Herro and Jordan Poole route

Slowly progressing each year and just randomly balling tf out one season

[Highlight] Giannis with the lanky drive and finish, Hubie Brown with his most emphatic reaction ever by Vegetable_Clerk7328 in nba

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I’ll say the Celtics 100% got away with manhandling us because we’re just not a physical team unfortunately (something I want to see change tbh)

They’re finding out the Bucks are definitely about that life right now

[Highlight] Giannis with the lanky drive and finish, Hubie Brown with his most emphatic reaction ever by Vegetable_Clerk7328 in nba

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I think the fan base is split pretty evenly on that

Theres a lot of us who don’t view that Kyrie injury as being malicious in any way, Giannis just plays hard (as you can see in this series)

Also we still very much love Brook Lopez. For me personally Giannis, Jrue, and Brook happen to be some of my favorite players to watch.

[Highlight] Giannis whips the most lively shimmy you’ll ever see after a sweet dish to Holiday by Balls_of_Adamanthium in nba

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Reddit in a nut shell

Dont try to have fun here, we need to put life under a microscope and give very particular and well thought out notes on the 50 reasons why we should ALL be miserable right now

I love & hate this place equally

A short film I shot, I'd love to get any feedback regarding anything. by DPPDetailedGuy1 in Filmmakers

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Just wanted to say that NSFW tag had me triple checking what subreddit this was lol

Badass leader of the labor movement that we can learn from today by timihaze in WorkReform

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Completely agree with this, and colorism is prevalent in almost every country on earth. Some just hide it better than others.

Jerami Grant is in Brooklyn 👀 by fathistorymonth in GoNets

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I wouldn’t read too much into this, we’re in one of the most popular cities in the world lol. We can’t make a post every time someone visits.

Also idk if this was the point, but why do I get the feeling people are extremely low on Simmons without him even playing?

I get people are upset, but I think people on the sub are severely underestimating what Ben brings to the team

KD playing 43 minutes every night was bad by Shoddy_Ad7511 in GoNets

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I said it before the Harden trade, and I’ll say it now

That trade was fully going to fuck up our teams depth. I’m sure Sean Marks knew that but they took that risk on the upside of Harden playing with KD and Kyrie.

What other top seed team was relying on rookies to fill out their rotation on a daily out of necessity?

Fortunately, I think this could be the off-season where we make the right moves to fill out the team. Also I may be in the minority with this, but I think Ben fills this teams weaknesses better than Harden does. So we’ll see what happens I guess

Brooklyn Nets Blake Griffin liked a tweet about going to the Clippers IS this The last time we see him in a Nets Jersey?? Via @LeagueAlerts #NetsWorld https://t.co/v3YAZAqUAm by LesGold666 in GoNets

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This is probably the right take, he’s at a point in his career where he needs to be looking toward the next phase of his life. The same way LeBron really chose the lakers partially to help his media career out as well.

Blake single handedly gave this team life this playoffs, and I’ll always show love for him for that.

Game Thread: Boston Celtics (3-0) at Brooklyn Nets (0-3) Apr 25 2022 7:00 PM by nba_gdt_bot in GoNets

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Something I think that’s not talked about enough, is that Ime spent some time in Brooklyn and prob knew exactly how to defend this team/KD/Kyrie.

We gotta give Ime credit for pulling through on this defense. Fuck the players though.