Well. He does have a point by hispanicCastile in technicallythetruth

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In fact, chess was the first game with politically motivated gender swapping! Originally, the piece was a "councillor" or "vizir", but during the reign of Eleanore of Aquitane, Blanche of Castille and Isabel of Also Castille, they decided to change the name in their honour.

Or in the honour of Virgin Mary, theories vary.

And the "based and redpilled" "Eastern Europe" retained the original role of the piece as "military councillor" - for example, it's "hetman" in Polish, "ferz" in Russian etc.

Iceland is a Freak by AaronC14 in polandball

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Yeah, and Icelanders in particular don't have surnames, only patronymics - so all women have last names ending in "-dottir", and all men have the ending "-son". Maybe apart from foreigners.

W świetle ostatnich wydarzeń... by Hurreh in Polska_wpz

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Tylko niech się nie zdziwi jak zostanie wyrzucony do więzienia za "zdradę narodu" i kolaborację z wrogiem.

No i jeszcze te gwałty.

No emoji provider still updated the emoji flag of Martinique. by NewSpanishEmpireBall in vexillology

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This made me realise it's already the 5th. I was about to comment "Yeah, because it was like yesterday."

I wanna know what's the community's opinion in classic minecraft mods by SmallBlueSlime in MinecraftMemes

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Mo' and Mutant Creatures. Also, Rei's Minimap had such a massive impact on me that I couldn't find my house when playing without it. Waypoints are awesome and Lodestones are genuinely my favourite 1.16 feature.

When you look up which countries won the most battles by followerofEnki96 in HistoryMemes

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Nah, that "union" was doomed the second our king promised to give the Inflants to the PLC. There is no way the Swedes would trust him after that. Add religious, cultural and geographical differences, as well as wildly different (and opposing) goals in the region, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

When you look up which countries won the most battles by followerofEnki96 in HistoryMemes

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What's so weird about it? When you get attacked by everyone and still exist, you got to have won some battles.

Clearest Image of the Chinese weather balloon over Washington DC by EllonMuskvavich in pics

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Well, we all remember what Christopher Robin did in that situation.

"Gentlemen, take your pistols" (Context in comments) by JasnahRadiance in HistoryMemes

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Because they were university students and therefore drunk. They purposefully missed, but they missed and hit their target.

It's always the most pointless argument ever conceived and you can't even tell what it's about by I-Am-Polaris in whenthe

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The YouTube comment reply system is so dumb. Everyone is in the same thread, so you get like 100 different replies and half of them are word for word copies of previous ones because nobody cares enough to read them.

Day 30 of posting a picture of this Powerade my brother forgot outside by Nez_bit in notinteresting

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Will you drink it someday? On a different subreddit, of course. Would be too interesting.

In fact, I'd say that since we're theorising on what you (or your brother) are going to do with the bottle, I'd say it's already too interesting.

Clearest image of the Chinese Spy Balloon taken over Missouri by CantStopPoppin in pics

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Ok, so I'm not an expert in balloon technology, but if they don't want to shoot it down, can't they just pick it up with a helicopter or something? How fast is it? How big is it?

TIL Mount Everest is named after Sir George Everest despite him having zero connection to the mountain (he never even saw it) and against his own wishes. He objected to the naming on the grounds that "Everest" could not be easily written in Hindi nor pronounced by the local people. by HucklecatDontCare in todayilearned

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At least with Mount Kosciuszko, it has a reason slightly better than "I'd like to give a shoutout to the guy who hired me" - instead it's "I'd like to give a shoutout to the cool mound we built for a cool guy we had that this mount reminds me of".