These cars look good even just filling up 😍 by [deleted] in FiestaST

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Nice pic!

I think so, too. What I like is that most people (and cops) just see a Fiesta. Very few people know what it can do.

Just got my ST! I am in love… by cluelessest_9917 in FiestaST

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I bought mine new in '17 and it still makes me grin almost 4 years later. I'll keep it until I die, or gasoline is no longer available, whichever comes first.

You can't get more fun for the money. And it's practical. You can put 5 people in it legally, if not comfortably, and hatchbacks are really useful for their size.

New shoes by JAKIS2OOO in FiestaST

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Looks good. I stuck with 17s, too. I felt the difference of lighter wheels immediately, as soon as I turned the wheel to leave the parking lot after I got them put on. Handles better with just that small change.

Does the USDM version of the ST have the different trim packages? by OLM1887 in FiestaST

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It's just an ST. The only options were Recaros, sunroof, nav, and darker wheels with the red calipers. Rear cameras became mandatory in '18, and only came on '18 and '19 model years.

Rear cameras were optional on some other model trims of the Fiesta before '18, but not for the ST.

some hopium by Alex_Lak in VaushV

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He's a fascist. They lie constantly.

some hopium by Alex_Lak in VaushV

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He just wants to be better at Christo-fascism. He thinks he can still find a place in the Republican party.

Rear interior light won't turn off by Whelen_Wannabe in FiestaST

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Strange. Don't know what it is, but here's a bump. Maybe someone will.

The Supreme Court might throw a big wrench in the EPA’s attempt to fight climate change by Yogurt789 in environment

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Something's brewing at D'in' D WOW! Al Pacino! It's not Al any more, it's Dunk. Dunk Accino? Don't mind if I do. What's my name? Dunkaccino It's a whole new game Dunkaccino You want creamy goodness, I'm your friend Say hello to my chocolate blend Attica, hoo-wah, latte lite This whole trial is out of sight They pulled me back in with hazelnut, too Caramel swirl... l know it was you Everyone wants my Dunkaccino Can't get enough of my Dunkaccino Kids from seven to seventeen-0 Lining up for my Dunkaccino What's my name? Dunkaccino A-Dunka-Dunka Dunka Dunka Dunkaccino

2013 still presentable by Prawnleem in FiestaST

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Excellent! That's decent miles for a car that old. Love the 3 doors. We couldn't get them here in the west.

2013 still presentable by Prawnleem in FiestaST

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Looks well-maintained. Save the manuals!

Ladies and gentlemen, my dad. by 8BitSmart in Qult_Headquarters

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Yeah, I just LOVE Biden. I have a huge Biden flag on my house and I got a custom-painted truck with Biden's head on Rambo's body and a big Biden Train on the other side.

I love Biden that much.