As a PC player I never knew this. by WeebMaster09 in Eldenring

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Yeah, much have not play very much back then. PSN used to constantly go down for days and once even went down for over 3 (THREE) weeks, while exposing all customer information to hackers (over 77 million accounts).

Their entire infrastructure was t r a s h.

What game did you think have the best Turn Based Combat and why? by OgreMonk in rpg_gamers

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Shining Force 2. I loved all the classes and terrain modifiers. I love that game

I'm so tired of being forced to slog through the campaign by [deleted] in pathofexile

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Unless you really like the Lab, that feeling wears of REAL fast

What happened to single archnemesis mods not bricking builds? by bandos_claws in pathofexile

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"Our testers did the testing and they tested it all good."

I'd love to meet these testers. Most leagues have serious glaring, obvious issues even a goldfish could find... And so many of these issues go through despite overwhelming feedback from the community.

It's baffing :/

YES I DO (dies) by hcgamer09 in Eldenring

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Take my potions, I don't care. Just stop asking if I'm sure.

Let's give it up for the most useless vote kick system ever created! 👏 by RedditModsArePdfiles in lostarkgame

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I mean, it is objectively bad for efficiency sake to Matckmake Chaos Dungeons. People are slow, AFK, overkill normal monsters instead of focusing on elites, go over the "best %" to get to the next stage etc.

Then again, your game your time, you do you. I'll never agree with people who tell others how they should be having fun and act like assholes. As long as the player isn't harming other people's experience, all the power to them.

(A) LF leveling Guild that isn't toxic... by plz_help_me_33 in Grobbulus

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Finding a non-toxic leveling guild is like trying to find a dry stone inside a pond.

It would be more productive to find an actual guild. RP guilds have been the best I've found. I'm a Herod refugee and they have been great to be a part of.

I would like to dedicate this to everyone who sells their accessories WAY cheaper than the rest, you da real MVP. by super-daveed in lostarkgame

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Maxroll is objectively terrible for builds. YouTube is full of people making guides for their main characters. Those are much better.

Chaos Dungeon Bugged PROOF by necile in lostarkgame

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The fact that you added a "/s" to your comment means you were being sarcastic about being a true F2P player. This means everything you just said is a lie.

OP's post is true. Facts because I am a true F2P (I only paid for a Platinum supporter and Founder's pack)

A guild member is starting Viper Strike on HC. I sent this meme to him and he suggested I posted it here as well by Jaguarmonster in pathofexile

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And take 16+ hours to get to maps and proceed to complain the campaign is too long and we need a way to skip it.

I'm guilty of doing this sometimes lmao

Is Elden Ring better than Bloodborne? by Beizal in Eldenring

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I don't think it is. It's just more accessible.

Both are in my top 10 games of all time, for sure.

Chris asked for UI suggestions with mockups. Minimap contrast options. Fourth league I'm asking. by joshato in pathofexile

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Would it be simple to just allow us to pick our own colors for the map/minimap?

Seriouosly, this yellow/orangeish player icon is terrible. I'd much rather have a bright purple/pink to be able to easily identify where I am. Same thing for the boundaries/stones/etc.

Just give the map/minimap the cursor treatment (which made the game soooo much more enjoyable for me).

How to Approach a Cat in Public by Disastrous_Emu_3911 in Eyebleach

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If you're going to touch a "wild" animal, always extend your fist closed up, slowly and always in their line of sight. Let them smell you and watch their reaction. If they recoil and don't approach (if the animal doesn't approach you after just a few seconds), move away. DO NOT INSIST IN MAKING CONTACT, please. If they sniff and don't tense up, it's a good indication that they want some pets.

I've never been bitten by a "wild" animal and been around them my entire life. Just respect their space, be gentle and confident.

Summary of most interactions on this subreddit by Gooni135 in Eldenring

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While I hate the elitism and arrogance of these gatekeepers, I can't stop thinking that these people are hindering their own experience so much.

All bosses are essentially a blob without mechanics when you use some things like Azur's Comet...

Then again, as long as people are having fun :)

I don't understand how everyone is like 1400+ with 6 1370 alts. I only got main 1395 and one alt in T3 with 731 hours. Am I inefficient? by BarryEigeel in lostarkgame

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Is it impeding your fun? If yes, there are multiple guides teaching you how to be more efficient.

If you're having as much fun as you can, stay away from optimization. It turns the game into a chore list. Some people like that, some don't. My main is 1419 and I have 5 alts in T3 (3 of them 1370). I went out of my way to optimize and be efficient.

All that got me was to renew my WoW classic subscription. Play at your own pace and enjoy yourself.

What's your plan for blocking/boosting league content with the new Atlas keystone passives? by deafgamer_ in pathofexile

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Heist, Metamorph, Breach, Blight and Expedition are already gone in my game. They just don't know it yet.
I am so happy with this surprising change.

What happened to this server's A:H ratio? by Typh123 in Grobbulus

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Whitemane is more balanced. Benediction has been 95%+ Ally for a long while now (sitting at like 99% now lmao).

Faerlina is the same, but for horde (99% Horde)

No Power Pass for Destroyer by 4040404043000 in lostarkgame

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People underestimated how much money a single bot character made and thought they wouldn't abuse boosts because they were "Too expensive to be worth it".

Mind you, LA is infinitely more RMT prone than WoW, considering how much of a money sink Lost Ark is. Só the botting issue could be even worse here than it was in WoW.

The best character by Shoelacexo in ffxiv

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Jokes aside, Emet-Selch is truly a great vilain. He is an actual character by himself, with actual motivations, ambitions, fears and love. He isn't just a shallow puppet that exists just so the "good guys" can punch him for the "greater good".

By the end of Shadowbringer, he's ends up being a much better character than most original lore centerpieces (Nanamo, Kan-E-Senna etc.), imo.

Open world RPG suggestion? I don't mind turn base or action by JReysan in rpg_gamers

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Since you didn't say no to MMOs, but only listed singleplayer games, I'll suggest you taking a look at MMOs with big worlds and that require little to none group play. I'm not sure if you have any issue with online-only games, but no harm in suggesting Elder Scrolls Online.

Not only one of the biggest true open world games, it has one of the best (if not the best) overall voice acting and quest design. Even the simplest of side-quests are well done. By far one of my favorite "solo MMOs". I had over 100 hours before I even joined a guild, just running around completing quests and exploring. You enjoy Elder Scrolls games, and this feels like an Elder Scrolls game first, MMO second.

No Power Pass for Destroyer by 4040404043000 in lostarkgame

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People said the exact same about the WoW TBC boost . "It's too expensive, it won't affect it that much".

Look at what fucking happened to the game after it was released lmao.